Each html newsletter has two parts; the Flipbook & the Email.

The Flipbook portion

This is a virtual booklet with page turning animations. This part is hosted on our hosting service but can be displayed on other webpages.

The Email portion

This is the part that’s send to our clients’ clients. This piece functions as a type of funnel to drive traffic to the flipbook or another page that displays the flipbook.

Using HTML Newswletters

Using the Code to build an Email broadcast

There are many different CRM tools out there and they’ll all have a different way to navigate to a code builder for their email broadcasts. All you have to do is copy the code sent to you by your project manager into the code builder. You can access the actual text-based code by doing the following:

1. Open the file sent to you by your project manager in a web browser

2. Right click the background of the webpage and select View Page Source

3. Your HTML code should be displayed

Displaying your flipbook on your webpage

The best way to display your flipbook on your webpage is to use an iFrame. Depending on what you use for your website you’ll use this a little differently. Here’s a bit of sample code for an iFrame.

<iframe src=“http://www.url.com”></iframe>

This is a good solution because you can adjust the frame to your specific use. Go here to see a list of adjustable attributes for iFrames.