No BS Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention

Join Shaun as he interviews industry experts on referral and retention strategies to celebrate the launch of his newest book with marketing guru, Dan Kennedy!


Speakers and Time Stamps

00:18:00 – Keith Lee – The secrets of customer service, PLUS the one type of customer service that kills referrals faster than poor (or even rude) service.

00:45:15 – Walter Bergeron – The extra, hidden value of customer referrals and the real strategy behind retention.

01:14:10 –  Parthiv Shah- How to mix business and pleasure, learn the ultimate marketing  campaign for getting referral-minded relationships.

01:57:30 – A.J. Mirabedini – Business growth, the side effects of attrition, and how referrals can help your business scale up.

02:41:05 – Kim Walsh Phillips – Getting social with your media: how to build referral networks and get positive reviews online.

03:16:05 – Dustin Burleson – The seminar guru himself will share how you can leverage events to super-charge your referrals.