The Worst Advice

Week in and week out, you’re constantly tuned in to all the things you need to do in your business. But aside from making your own embarrassing mistakes, when do you learn about the things you really shouldn’t do? As valuable as it is to learn best practices for every aspect of your business, sometimes the most effective way to improve is to find out what not to do.

Avoiding a Culture Crisis

American Express is known for having great customer service, but that same mentality comes through in how they approach their company culture. There are a lot of ways to botch company culture, but according to them, perhaps the most lethal way is to hire someone without taking your company’s culture into account. An employee who’s at odds with your culture can hijack the productivity of other employees, and there’s also a pretty steep replacement cost when you find out you’ve hired the wrong employee. Check out this article for more on hiring for culture!

The Worst Marketing Advice

There are some truly terrible ideas out there for how to market your company. Most of your time running a business is spent trying to sift through the bad ideas and find the gems that will really work for you. One particularly bad piece of marketing advice is to forget about revamping your website. The website is a tool for everything from attracting leads to generating revenue, so it deserves a lot of your attention. Here are some other terrible marketing ideas — and what to do instead.

Never Say These 7 Things in Sales

I’m sure your sales team knows better than to say any of these things, but it never hurts to have a reminder! There are certain words and phrases that will significantly impede your company’s sales success. Personally, I find the most egregious of all of them is anything to do with “trust” or “honesty.” If you say, “I’ve got to be honest with you,” it might sound like you’re letting the prospect in on a little secret, but it’s really telegraphing that you haven’t been trustworthy up to that point! Read on and subtract these 7 things to say from any sales conversation.

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