Working With Millennials

Millennials… You can’t work with ‘em and you can’t work without ‘em! I’m kidding, but there is a grain of truth to this. As this new, huge generation enters the workforce, and becomes our customers too, it can be hard to relate to a group that was raised on social media and cell phones. While it’s not fair to paint all millennials with the same brush, you should be aware that working with — and selling to — millennials might require some new approaches. Here are a few tips that can help!

The Secret to Building a Millennial-Friendly Company

Can you imagine a workplace environment where people eat cereal from a cereal bar at breakfast, watch Netflix together during lunch, and occasionally come to work dressed in pajamas? It sounds crazy, but one of our values here at The Newsletter Pro is to “take fun seriously,” and that’s exactly what we do! In a great article about Hubspot, CEO Brian Halligan shares his unique philosophy on attracting and retaining younger workers through a vibrant company culture.

5 Ways to Sell to Millennials

With 80 million millennials in America, learning how to sell to them is tapping into a gold mine of new revenue opportunities. Unfortunately, many millennials buy in different ways than previous generations do, so you have to meet them where they are. If you want success selling to millennials, be straightforward, authentic, and concise. Learn more about these and other tips for selling to millennials in this article from Inc.

3 Brand Experience Strategies to Attract Millennials

Marketing to millennials is similarly confounding to many business owners. One hint to make millennials take notice is to emphasize the experience, rather than the benefits of your product or service. Make the customer experience compelling and engaging. Foster two-way communications where you take their input into account as you develop new offerings for sale. To find out what else you can do to boost your millennial marketing efforts, check out this piece on brand experience for millennials.

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