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The word “trend” seems to have lost some of it’s meaning. These days, it’s associated more with Twitter and Instagram than it is with progression, and if you were to ask someone “What’s trending?” They’re more likely to respond in the form of a hashtag than they are with any real information. That’s not to say that Twitter trends aren’t important; in fact, those trending topics have changed the world of social media marketing forever. But a “trend,” at its core, is a signal of development or change–one that shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s a few trends for 2015 that you might not find on your Twitter homepage.

Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

There’s no doubt that digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing world, but with new and increasingly awesome technology released each year, the world of digital marketing is always changing. As this article argues, it can be hard for the “casual observer” to keep up. That being said, click the link above to see the 7 online marketing trends you need to know if you want to kill it (as in “skyrocket your profits”) in 2015. Hint: It all starts with that thing in your pocket–your cell phone.

5 Trends That Will Impact Your 2015 Sales Training Strategies

According to this article, scripted pitches and hard sales are out (even more than they were last year)–but relationship selling and casual conversations are in. Those “tried and true” sales tactics you’ve come to rely on are evolving right along with the marketplace, and you’ll have to stay on top of these trends if you want to keep up! Read on for more sales training trends that could revolutionize your selling process.

Organizational Culture — Trends You Need to Know

Focusing on company culture isn’t a new trend by any means, after all, that term was coined nearly 40 years ago! But when you compare that to the fact that “money,” another commonly used business term, was coined nearly 5,000 years ago… well, culture has some catching up to do. 2015 is the year of company culture–and you’re going to want to keep these trends in mind as you prepare to take the plunge.


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