What You See is What You (Want To) Get

We love showing off. It’s just a part of who we are as humans, after all, why else would 20th president James Garfield learn to simultaneously write Latin with one hand and Ancient Greek with his other? It wasn’t exactly a marketable skill . . . but heads of state aren’t the only ones who like to strut their stuff, corporations do too. And why not? When you invest in creating a great service or product, you need the bragging rights that come along with it. In the business world, promoting your success can be just as important as the accomplishment itself, so what about shining the spotlight on your fab company culture?

You’ve definitely heard each and every one of us tell you that, “People do business with people they know and like,” and it’s not just a catchy phrase. While there are some companies whose market domination is just so massive that inside operations are overlooked for a functioning product, consumers pay attention to the way you treat your crew. We’ve been talking about Google quite a bit over the past couple of weeks–and for good reason, Google is the reigning king of 21st century company culture. People interact differently with Google, and even users who don’t (and will never) have a foothold in the tech industry know that there’s something special going on behind the scenes. So, even though Bing might be the preloaded search engine on a new PC, your average Joe will still choose Google any day of the week, and it’s not just because of performance.

An awesome company culture allows you to show your market what you’re really all about. Take a look at the ‘Life at Google’ page one of these days. Everything about how their people live and work inside Google’s super cool walls is posted, and yes, people even propose to each other in the Google lunchroom. Can you imagine a world in which that kind of magnetic attraction doesn’t just make your team happy, and your clients engaged and wanting more? That, my friends, is a business truly Googlized.

So, how do you bring your company culture outside and into the open? Why, it’s simple—you show off! Seek opportunities that will display the quality of who you are. Take your team, and their good vibes, into community building events. Participate in your local community gardens. Don’t just sponsor a public event, get your people on the team of volunteers as well. Remember to show up well branded and represent the values, excitement, and energy that makes your operation unique and meaningful for your employees and your clients. Even if your operations aren’t restricted to your region, a local presence is still necessary because it makes you important to potential evangelists that can and will spread the world about this amazing resource in their backyard.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, newsletters—your media is a picture playground that can help your market see how the company culture you’re perfecting goes into creating the services and products they love. Don’t just pepper their newsfeed with advertising and promotional materials, make it personal. Consider adding a few images from your most recent in office antics in next month’s newsie. Here at TNP, we just celebrated our head writer’s B-Day, dolling her up in full regalia (read: tutu, silver sash, and princess crown) and you can bet we’ll show you a few snapshots!

I’m apparently fascinated by U.S. presidents today, so I just want to ask you if you remember number 11, James K. Polk. If you don’t, you’re in good company! Polk had a genuinely awesome presidency, but unfortunately he’s one of the least remembered presidents of consequence. The Smithsonian? Polk did that. Victory in the Mexican-American War? That was Polk too. Oh and the first postage stamps? Your friendly President Polk once again. But, for all his success, James was a pretty boring guy (it doesn’t help that he died of cholera a couple of months after his one and only term, but that is another story).

It’s true, all work and no play really does make Jack (or James) a really dull boy, and in a world of infinite options (and 44 heads of state), you can’t afford to put your market to sleep. Let your company culture speak for you, and have fun showing off!

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