The Neuroscience of Marketing

When my oldest son, Brandon, was young, he liked to watch an animated show called “PB&J Otter” on the Disney Channel (those of you with teenagers right now may remember it). The show followed three otters and their animal friends as they went about their lives in Lake Hoohaw. Anytime the otters had to come up with an idea, they would stop and do “the noodle dance” — which encouraged them to use their noodles (their brains) to come up with a solution. It was a pretty catchy song, and one that still pops into my head occasionally … 15 years later. And despite it’s annoying quality, it actually has a good point. This week’s weekend reading is all about using your noodle — but rather than “the noodle dance,” let’s call it neuroscience.

Mind Control: Neuroscience In Marketing

“Knowledge from neuroscience has emerged as one of the biggest breakthroughs in business — particularly in marketing and advertising — in decades.” In fact, there’s even a word for it. It’s called “neuromarketing,” and it just may be the future of the marketing industry. Interestingly enough, a few big-name companies have already used neuromarketing tactics to build their brand (you may recognize a few of them … like Google). Check out this article to see how neuromarketing is taking over! If you’re feeling really ambitious, click here to read all about how neuromarketing drives customer decisions.

The Psychological Effects of Workplace Appreciation and Gratitude

Unsurprisingly, neuroscience plays a role in your company culture as well. Researchers found that employees display psychological reactions when they feel recognized and appreciated — and that those same reactions spark a desire to work harder, stick around longer, and boost productivity. Read on to discover how you can use simple neuroscience to better your business.

What Neuroscientists Can Teach You About The Brain-to-Brain Process of Selling

Selling is a mental game — which means, if you want to be a great salesperson, you have to have a simple understanding of how your customers’ brains work. From there, you can utilize that information to tailor your selling strategy and land the sale, every time. Now that’s using your noodle. I highly recommend you check out this article.

Direct Mail Marketing: Tangible Results in the Digital Age


We all know that direct mail is more successful than digital marketing (at least, I hope you do) — but did you know that neuroscience has a hand in that success? Studies show that physical advertisements actually create an emotional connection in the recipient’s brain — burrowing deep into their memory and tapping into their perception of value. Straight from the TNP blog, click here to discover why a letter in hand is worth 30 in the inbox.

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