Business Lessons from the Founding Fathers

Nothing says summer quite like fireworks and other Fourth of July fanfare. But before you submit yourself to an inordinate amount of hot dogs and hamburgers this holiday weekend, take a moment to peruse this extra-special Independence Day edition of Weekend Reading – Business Lessons from the Founding Fathers!

Shaping Organizational Culture This Fourth of July

In 1776, a group of 56 political leaders signed the Declaration of Independence, documenting America’s independence from Britain. Several centuries later, we’re still commemorating the occasion. This blogger argues that, like the leaders of our nation, it’s any leader’s core responsibility to create unifying rituals that generate conversation — much like these leaders did with the Fourth of July; “an event so galvanizing that people would talk about it over and over again.” Read on to find out how!

What the Fourth of July Can Teach You About Web Marketing (or any kind of marketing, really.)

The Fourth of July can capture America’s attention like no other holiday, and when it comes to your marketing, you should take a page from the Independence Day manual: capture the attention of your target customer. How? By using the Fourth of July tradition of AIDA: attention, interest, desire, and action. Click the link to find out how to apply AIDA to your business.

Sage Advice for Entrepreneurs From America’s Greatest Risk Takers

Entrepreneurs everywhere agree that our nation’s founders are some of the first and most successful entrepreneurs in the world — and this entrepreneur argues that it’s their ability to take a great risk (to attempt to create an independent America) that makes them a prime example of entrepreneurship. Read on for 5 pieces of sage advice straight from our Founding Fathers. And check out this bonus article, The Founders’ 5 Timeless Lessons for Entrepreneurs, for 5 MORE business lessons from the father of the entrepreneurial spirit (and second U.S. president), John Adams.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend! Stay safe out there.

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