Treating Employees Like Family

Idaho is in the midst of a freak snowstorm; it’s been snowing nonstop for 24 hours and shows no signs of slowing. The sudden onset of winter has got us all thinking about a lot of things, namely, “how are we going to get home at the end of the day?” but also, “Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!” With the holidays comes the sudden urge to spend more time with family, friends, and loved ones–but let’s not forget your other family: your work family, the one you see each and every day. If you’re anything like me, you strive to treat your clients like family all year round (after all, you know that referrals and retention all stem from relationships), but what about your coworkers and employees? Would you consider them a part of your clan?

As the holidays approach, I encourage you to treat your employees and coworkers like you would your own flesh and blood. Not only will they feel more committed to you, your company, and your brand, but they’ll look forward to coming into work each day. Don’t just take my word for it, we’ve compiled a few articles for your weekend reading enjoyment that prove just how important your work family can be.

5 Ways Leaders Must Build a Family Environment to Achieve Excellence

A recent study from Texas A&M revealed that family-owned businesses consistently outperform their competition in terms of revenue and employment–you know, family-owned businesses like Ford and Walmart. Even if your business isn’t “family-owned,” you can still incorporate a family approach that will not only boost your company culture, but help you sustain your forward momentum. Read on for more!

3 Reasons to Treat Employees Like Family

Aside from stomping the competition and boosting your business, why should you treat your employees like family? Well, first of all, when your employees and coworkers know you care about them as a person, and not just as a paid worker, they’re more likely to be productive, positive, and powerful. Why? Clink the link to find out.

All In the Family — Treating Customers (and Employees) Like Family

If you’re looking for a real life example of the family approach done right, look no further. Philips, a technology healthcare company, proves that you don’t have to be family-owned in order to feel family-owned. Check out this heartwarming story!

‘Tis the Season for Employee Appreciation

Need some ideas to bring your employees and coworkers together this holiday season? Take a page from The Newsletter Pro! Straight from the TNP blog, this article is filled with great ideas to get your comrades feeling all in the family.


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