Treating Customers Like Family

Last week, we talked all about the importance of treating your employees like family, but what about your clients? Do they make the list of “loved ones?” As the holidays approach, the topic of family is more prevalent than ever. A lot of business claim to treat their clients like their own flesh and blood, but when’s the last time you actually had them over for Sunday dinner? For the vast majority of you, the answer is probably “Never.”

Fortunately, a monthly print newsletter eliminates the need to invite your clients over for the holidays, but it doesn’t have the power to make your clients feel like family all by itself. That’s where you come in. By treating your clients like family (going above and beyond, offering exceptional customer service, and providing them with an unforgettable experience), you’re ensuring that their “familial bonds” last for a long, long time.

How Businesses Can Treat Customers Like Family Members

This article recommends not only putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, but putting a loved one in their shoes as well. What if that customer was your mother? Would the way you react to their problem or the services you provide them with be any different? The answer is probably yes. This article contains two great examples that emphasize the importance of treating your customers like family.

Treat Customers Like Your Boss’ Family

David Martinez, a Russo’s Coal-Fired Kitchen franchisee, knows the importance of exceptional customer service, but makes the very valid point that “treating customers like family” could result in a more relaxed approach from his employees. He counteracts this by telling them to treat customers like they’re his family–after all, who’s going to snub the boss’ sister? Read on for 5 ways to establish personal ties with your clients!

3 Ways to Treat Customers Like Friends

You know what they say, “friends are family you choose,” which means you might be apt to treat them a little better than you treat your own flesh and blood–who will always be related to you, no matter what kind of service you provide them with. But maintaining a healthy friendship is hard work, and the same goes for the “friendship” between you and your clients. Here’s 3 ways to ensure that your customers feel the love all year round.

A Family is Only as Strong as it’s Story

So, how exactly can a newsletter prevent you from having to invite each client individually over for dinner? It’s simple; when you send out a monthly newsletter, it shows your clients that you’re thinking of them–and that you want them to think of you. When they read about your daughter’s latest exploits, or your updates from the office, they feel like they’re part of your world–and, in turn, part of your family. Our writers recently changed their titles to “Storytellers”–and once you read this blog, you’ll understand why!

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