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The Newsletter Pro is undergoing a bit of a facelift these days. We’ve updated our branding, cemented our values, and painted a few walls while we’re at it. With all these changes taking place, we’ve also spent a great deal of time discussing ROI–return on investment–and while we all agree that change is a good thing, and that our ROI is bound to reflect that, we ran into some trouble when we tried to track it. Namely, we didn’t know how. Suddenly, we were faced with the question, “If we can’t track it, how will we know if it’s working?”

We’re willing to bet that you’ve faced a similar situation in your own business, which is why we’ve dedicated this week’s weekend reading to, you got it, tracking your ROI. Specifically when it comes your marketing.

5 Simple Ways to Track Marketing ROI

As this first article points out, it can be hard for small business owners, or even large business owners, to track whether or not their marketing efforts are working. And, as you know, “if you’re not tracking ROI, you could be throwing money away…” Fortunately, Dan Kraus, president of Leading Results Inc., has five simple ways to track marketing ROI… and they’re easier than you think. Read on for more information!

7 Tools for Measuring Your Marketing ROI

Tracking your ROI is one of those things that’s easier said than done. That is, unless you have the right tools for the job. According to this article, “measuring small business marketing success doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive,” and we’re here to prove it. These seven tools are low-cost, easy to use, and guaranteed to give you a head start on tracking your ROI.

Marketing ROI: Budgeting Your Money Wisely

No matter what tracking you have in place, some forms of marketing ROI are simply impossible to track. But just because it’s not easy to calculate, or there isn’t a tool readily available to do the work for you, doesn’t mean it’s not there. This article offers up a great example of immeasurable ROI… and how you can make it work anyway.



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