The Importance Of Company Culture

Since our return from Infusionsoft Elite Forum several weeks ago, my team and I have been heavily focused on the idea of company culture. Not that we didn’t have one to start with, but “fun” and “professional” weren’t exactly the strongest core values on which to build our business. And as our company continued to grow, the need for a solid company culture grew right along with it. We’ve made some pretty serious strides in the past few weeks, and we’re eager to pass on some of our newfound knowledge to you! The following articles are sure to enlighten, engage, and above all, entertain! Have a great weekend!

Andy Dunn, the co-founder and CEO of Bonobos Inc., brings up a good point; company culture is easier said than done. Unlike other problems you might encounter as an entrepreneur, which can usually be solved by hiring, firing, or, well, buying something to do it for you, company culture has no easy fix–it’s an ongoing process that requires constant upkeep . . . and that can be a daunting task. However, he assures us that there is a secret recipe when it comes to creating the perfect company culture–even if it’s ingredients are a little hard to find. It all comes down to creating those core values, teaching your employees to think like a CEO, and learning from your losses.

What happens when you try to outshine your competition by releasing a really great product or service to the world? You got it, your competition takes it, makes it their own, and ultimately steals your thunder (at least, they try to). But there is one thing they can’t take away; your company culture. Use that to your advantage! Build your brand, build your business, and build relationships by developing a company culture that can’t be competed with.

There’s no doubt that company culture is an important aspect of your business, but if you need some cold, hard truth to convince you, check out these statistics from–their 30 years of research proves that investing in workplace culture results in some serious ROI for your business.

What exactly determines a company’s culture? The people? The office? The community? A culture is a melting pot of a variety of things–and each culture differs from company to company. But according to this article from the Harvard Business Review, there are six components that every successful company culture has. It all starts with a vision (a purpose, if you will) . . . but you’ll have to read the article to see the full list!

Steven Kimball, CEO of Inc. Navigator, claims that “most companies fail because of self-inflicted wounds, not external circumstances.” Which means that your company culture is way more important than you ever thought. Aside from the obvious (develop a strong set of values), what are some steps you can take NOW to ensure your company culture remains strong? One tip is “listening to pronouns.” If your employees say they/them over we/us, you’ve got a problem. There are 11 more awesome tips in this article–and every single one of them can be acted upon now.



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