The Entrepreneur’s Creed


How running a business is just like playing Assassin’s Creed… kind of. 

If you’re at all familiar with the Assassin’s Creed series of video games (your kid might have asked for one of the recently released versions of the game around Christmas), you know that you play a hooded figure belonging to an ancient organization known as the Assassins. Your job is to go around assassinating targets–these targets are usually related to a rival group known as the Templars.

While, as a businessperson, you hopefully don’t spend most of your days as a hooded vigilante, leaping on your competitors with a hidden blade from the rooftops (although that does bring the idea of cutthroat business to a whole new level), there still are some interesting parallels to draw between the experience of being an Assassin and being a business owner.

Take the viewpoint, for instance. A fixture of this game’s universe, the viewpoint is a place of high elevation within a city that allows you to look out and clearly see what’s going on below you. In order to reach a viewpoint, you have to purposefully climb to the top of the tallest buildings.

Getting to be the best employee in a company or the best business in an industry is a lot like trying to reach the pinnacle of a cathedral as an Assassin. You have to think carefully about the best way to make the climb, and there are bound to be a few missteps along the way. If you accidentally fall, you can always get back up and try again until you reach the top.

And once you’ve reached the top and seen all there is to see in that area of the city? You take a leap of faith by plummeting twelve stories into a haystack. That part isn’t necessarily related to business–it just looks really cool.

Just kidding! Business requires many leaps of faith, especially if you want to keep climbing to new heights and clearly see what there is to learn. Scale more heights than the competition and you’ll gain the advantage, especially if you’re willing to jump into new experiences.

So, next time your kid fires up the Xbox and plays Assassin’s Creed, maybe you’ll realize that they’re just training to be a future entrepreneur. No? Sorry, kids, I tried!


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