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"I opened my own personal injury law firm in 2017. I knew I needed a newsletter in order to keep in touch with clients. After looking into several options, I decided to use The Newsletter Pro. In addition to being very price-competitive, I felt they had put a lot of thought into the “how” and “why” of what they do. My first newsletter was the December 2017 edition, and I was blown away by the graphics, layout, and articles! My writer, Joe, captured my voice from the start. After the first edition, a former client (who hadn't realized I had opened my own practice) called me with a referral. Six months later, I can confidently say that The Newsletter Pro is the BEST INVESTMENT of my marketing dollars, and it only takes about 20 minutes of my time each month!"

Melissa Emery


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Stacey Schatz


"When I discovered The Newsletter Pro, the team put together a design template that was attractive and professional and that only required I tweak my preferences. They supplied the entertaining content, and all we have to do is send ideas for inserts, updated patient stories, and monthly winners. The most impressive aspect has been the cover interview process with my writer. She has been able to offer up ideas/questions for the article, and she takes my babble and turns it into a great, personal story that is relevant to our patients.

Patients love the articles and recipes, and they actually READ the content! When they read, they get to know us better … and they take us up on current offers and promotions. That helps us stay warm and fuzzy with our patients and helps drive them into the office to address nagging problems sooner than later.”

Todd Thurston


“I have received several compliments from customers and friends on our newsletter. Most of the credit needs to go to my friends at The Newsletter Pro. They are on it! Very professional, excellent follow-up, and they do a great job of giving me gentle reminders to make sure we hit deadlines. If you or your company wants a professional newsletter done right and efficient, allowing you to do what you do best … then give these guys a call. THEY ARE AMAZING! Give these guys a call, you will not be disappointed!”