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If there’s one thing our Marketing team excels in, it’s delivering a “wow” experience. The Marketing department is responsible for finding and attracting new leads, as well as maintaining our current clients. They know that direct mail isn’t dead, and they’re on a mission to prove it. With their creative powers combined, the Marketing team is in charge of developing marketing campaigns that are unique, impressive, and effective… and ultimately lead to business growth.

Danielle Talbot

Leads Coordinator

University of Phoenix Alumni  |  Client Success Pro  |  Cowboy Boots and Chutes

Danielle is a lover of hiking, coffee, succulents and dusty rodeos. She spends most of her free time being active outside and soaking in her present surroundings. She has a spunky, free-spirited, 5-year-old daughter who is her right-hand gal. They love a spontaneous getaway, no matter the destination. “Aspire to inspire” are words she tries to live by in her personal and professional life. She has a knack for building personal relationships with customers and finds a thrill in the challenge of it. She is always trying to push her limits in her professional growth, even if it involves stretching outside her comfort zone.

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    Jennifer Didonna

    Special Projects Coordinator

    Boise State Grad  |  Art Nerd  |  Baking Pro

    Jen graduated from Boise State University — Go Broncos — and pursued career paths in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Sales. She aspires to rule the world one day through these avenues. If she’s not working, she can be found enjoying a great craft beer with friends, creating a new cupcake recipe, or trying to run some sort of obscure/fun race.

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      Jackson Moffatt

      Marketing Consultant

      Marketing Ninja  |  Led Zeppelin Fanatic  |  World’s Greatest Dog Dad

      Jackson grew up in Boise, moved to Charleston, SC when he was a teenager, and recently moved back to the Boise area to become a PRO. He loves working with people and creating total client success, and he believes relationships are the key to doing good work. In his free time, he enjoys anything outdoors such as running, racing, hiking, camping, skydiving, and traveling. He is usually accompanied by his trusted service dog (and lifeline), Chance.

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        Sydnie Kremin

        Special Projects Coordinator

        College of Idaho Grad | Special Projects Chaos Coordinator | Dog Meme Enthusiast

        Whether it be categorized as design, project management, or client relations, Sydnie has the skills and organization to handle it all like a true Pro. She dedicates herself to the special projects at The Newsletter Pro that just don’t fit anywhere else (we made a special title just for her)! In her free time, she prepares for law school or she can be found at her local pet store, buying the latest treats on the market for her pup, #TheodoreTheChug™ (yes, it’s an actual hashtag — look it up!).

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          Lauren (Lo) Stopher

          Marketing Consultant

          Boise State University | Cowgirl Boot Lover | PR And Marketing Rock Star

          Lo is a true Idahoan due to her love of potatoes (or maybe just carbs in general?), and she loves everything The Gem State has to offer. She enjoys the challenge of consulting with business owners about how to develop and grow, all the while building solid, personal relationships with them. Lo is also your go-to gal for all things events with a fine eye for detail and deadlines — she lives for a good tradeshow! She believes in kindness, opportunities, and optimism, and strives to help others succeed.

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            Brandon Buck

            Marketing Coordinator

            Newsletter Pro Member Since 2013 | Analytically Tech-Minded | Sports Fanatic

            Having been at The Newsletter Pro for over four years, Brandon has literally handled millions of newsletters. He got his start in production, and just recently moved over to the marketing team as their digital marketing pro. He loves having the opportunity to create and manage campaigns, and is excited to grow his skillset. Born in California, Brandon has lived more of his life in Idaho and married his high school sweetheart in May of 2016. In his spare time he enjoys watching, analyzing, and play sports, with his favorite being football. His favorite teams are Boise State, Denver Broncos, and the Minnesota Wild (hockey).

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              Rachel Royer

              Lead Marketing Coordinator

              University of Phoenix Grad  |  Marketing Architect & Communications Nerd  |  Art Fanatic

              Rachel consumes fiction, sketches or paints whatever fits her mood, and is fueled exclusively by coffee. As long as she has her Starbuck’s Doubleshot to start her day, she’s off and running to enhance our brand messaging and build out new marketing blueprints. In her free time, she enjoys paddle-boarding, kayaking, and hiking. She is a mom (aka The Chaos Coordinator) to six amazing kids, and she is passionate about traveling and crossing items off her bucket list with her hubby.

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                Amanda Dunson

                Lead Marketing Consultant

                Marketing & Sales Pro  |  Pun Wizard  |  Traveling Addict

                Amanda is a loud, fun-loving gal who enjoys tasteful sarcasm, sports, puns, music, weird words, traveling, and laughter. She adores her job, our company, our clientele, and most importantly, her team. Being a part of something where her team members’ ideas — as well as her own — are used and valued causes her to wake up excited every day to toss on a fabulous pair of heels, head to “work,” and make people laugh … all while bettering small businesses around the world.

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