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If there’s one thing our Marketing team excels in, it’s delivering a “wow” experience. The Marketing department is responsible for finding and attracting new leads, as well as maintaining our current clients. They know that direct mail isn’t dead, and they’re on a mission to prove it. With their creative powers combined, the Marketing team is in charge of developing marketing campaigns that are unique, impressive, and effective… and ultimately lead to sales.

Lauren Stopher

Marketing & Sales Assistant

Lauren is my name, and event coordinating is my game! I am a graduate of Boise State University, with a degree in Communications, Public Relations, and Mediation. I am a lover of cowgirl boots, Goldfish crackers, and kindness. I am a true Idahoan due to my love of potatoes (or maybe just carbs in general!?), and love everything The Gem State has to offer. I also enjoy a challenge, and I always face new experiences head on!
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    Lauren Robblee

    Leads Specialist

    Hello my name is Lauren Robblee. I am very excited to join the team at The Newsletter Pro. I am a graduate of the Idaho Real Estate school and the Millian Institute for dental assisting.  Before joining the team, I worked for several major companies in customer care. In my free time, I volunteer with Treasure Valley Autism Society and spend time with my family enjoying  outdoor adventures in beautiful Idaho.

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      Destinie Wallis

      Sales Specialist

      Hi, my name is Destinie Wallis.  I moved to Boise from Tacoma Washington last year.  While I lived in Tacoma I worked in management for Zumiez for over five years.  When I’m not at work I am typically reading a book, swimming, or volunteering at the public library.

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        Dwayne VanHoose

        Onboarding Project Coordinator

        Hi! I’m Dwayne VanHoose and I’m really excited to be a part of The Newsletter Pro Team! I have studied Business and History at Salisbury State University in Maryland with a concentration on management. I’ve lived a couple of different careers, all of which include high levels of customer and client services. While not at work, I enjoy time with my family hiking, mountain biking and pretty much anything else that will get us outdoors!

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          Brandon Buck

          Marketing Coordinator

          Hello, my name is Brandon and I’m a Production Specialist. Along with the production staff, I make sure all our printers and machines are up and running smoothly, and that the newsletters get out the door on time and off to the post office. We always have an adventurous time in the warehouse and it’s great to be part of a team that is hard-working and hilarious! Outside of work, I live and breathe football (go Broncos!), in my spare time I enjoy all things photography.

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            Amanda Dunson

            Sales Team Lead

            ’Ellooo! I’m the sales consultant here at The Newsletter Pro. I’m a loud fun-loving gal who enjoys tasteful sarcasm, sports, puns, music, weird words, traveling, and laughter. If I must be honest, I love my job, this company, our clientele, and most importantly, my team. Being a part of something where my team members’ ideas, as well as my own, are used and valued causes me to wake up every day, toss on a fabulous pair of heels, head to “work,” and make people laugh—all while bettering their businesses.

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              Emely Srimoukda

              Marketing Designer

              Hi, I’m Emely. I started my journey here just one month after I graduated with a degree in Communication Design from Chico State University. I am very fortunate to collaborate with such a talented group of individuals and have never enjoyed work more! I thrive on all things creative, but to give my mind a break, I enjoy curling up with a good book or movie (usually Despicable Me—due to my unrelenting obsession with Minions). Moving back to Idaho right after college was such a change of pace for me; it was a chance to begin again and I have to say, I’m off to a great start! I can’t wait to see where else this journey takes me.

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                Rachel Brakke

                Lead Marketing Coordinator

                Hey there! I specialize in coaching our team and keeping our marketing campaigns on the right track. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Communications – Marketing and Sales. I’m a creative spirit with an eye for detail, and I’m always looking for ways to improve and further my education. Off the clock, I spend time with my two amazing kids, which almost always involves messes, giggles, and plenty of energy! When downtime is needed, I get away with coffee and a good book, or head outdoors with my boyfriend. Life is busy, but there’s always time to find a little peace.

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