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Our leadership team serves and empowers our team members on their journey to becoming their best possible selves. Our Team Leads each choreograph a group of writers, designers, and project coordinators to create seamless newsletter campaigns. Our Trainers help to identify, train, and grow the native talents of each team member to help them provide the best products and customer service possible. Our management team works to build a place in which each individual talent can thrive as part of a greater purpose.

Jared Smith

Vice President

Degree in Business Administration and Marketing |  Husband, and Father of 3 Kids |  Semi-Pro Freestyle Skier in College

Jared has spent his career building products and organizations. He loves working with teams to come up with solutions to complex problems. Outside of work, you will find Jared with his wife, chasing their 3 kids around (2 boys, 1 girl). In what free time remains Jared typically unwinds biking, skiing or on the golf course.

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    Amber Barrett

    Product Operations Manager

    Alaskan Grown | Fishing And Shooting Enthusiast | Fantastic Cook And Very Fast Learner

    Amber couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team here at The Newsletter Pro. Before joining the family, she worked in operations for various transportation and logistics companies in Alaska, where she grew up. Her desire to be closer to family drove her out of Alaska and landed her in Idaho! When she’s not hard at work, she loves to go on road trips, go fishing/hunting/camping, get in the kitchen and cook up delicious food, see the latest movies, and spend time with her family.

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      Tasha Hussey

      People Operations Manager

       | Real Talk Expert | ENFP

      Whenever an employee (or client) needs a little advice, they know to turn to Tasha. She thrives on honesty and dedication. And while she may not participate in some of our office shenanigans, nobody would accuse her of negativity. She’s an incredible mom, a dedicated friend, and an expert communicator.

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        Amanda Dunson

        Client Success Manager

        Marketing & Sales Pro  |  Pun Wizard  |  Traveling Addict

        Amanda is a loud, fun-loving gal who enjoys tasteful sarcasm, sports, puns, music, weird words, traveling, and laughter. She adores her job, our company, our clientele, and most importantly, her team. Being a part of something where her team members’ ideas — as well as her own — are used and valued causes her to wake up excited every day to toss on a fabulous pair of heels, head to “work,” and make people laugh … all while bettering small businesses around the world.

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