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Our leadership team serves and empowers our team members on their journey to becoming their best possible selves. Our Team Leads each choreograph a group of writers, designers, and project coordinators to create seamless newsletter campaigns. Our Trainers help to identify, train, and grow the native talents of each team member to help them provide the best products and customer service possible. Our management team works to build a place in which each individual talent can thrive as part of a greater purpose.

Mariah Buck

Director of Partner Relations

I am privileged to be the wife to the most amazing man ever, Shaun Buck. Shaun and I have been partnering on businesses and life for 18 years. I am so happy to have finally landed a job at TNP, and I am so excited to be working with the best of the best! I am a mama of 6:  Brandon, Tyler, Jeremiah, Riley (who I hope to meet in heaven one day), Lex, and the sweetest caboose to our family, Kellen. I dance through life with a song in my heart, and I can rarely be found without music playing. I am a terrible singer, but I never let that stop me. I love working special projects because it gives me the opportunity to solve tough problems and help bring out the best in my team. I love helping someone realize the amazing qualities that they have and how to best use them. Being a part of that process is my favorite thing.

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    Mandy Legarreta

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    University of Idaho Grad | Serial Entrepreneur | Published Children’s Author

    Mandy graduated with an elementary education degree but found herself more drawn to business right from the start. She has worked with quite a few different types of companies and vertical markets (as an owner and consultant) — as well as written two children’s books. Mandy is a self-proclaimed foodie and passionate about wine. She loves traveling and is always looking for a new locale to explore. On her bucket list are visiting a light house and riding in a sailboat … she’s crossed off nearly all other items!

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    David Smith

    Client Success Manager

    10+ Years Marketing Experience | Problem-Solving Pro | Avid Music Collector

    David is an innovative problem solver. 1 part strategist, 2 parts entrepreneur, 2 parts marketer, 3 parts dreamer, and 100 parts proud dad — and also unaware of how many parts a person is made up of.

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      Tasha Hussey

      People Operations Manager

      Mom Of 7 | Real Talk Expert | ENFP

      Whenever an employee (or client) needs a little advice, they know to turn to Tasha. She thrives on honesty and dedication. And while she may not participate in some of our office shenanigans, nobody would accuse her of negativity. She’s an incredible mom, a dedicated friend, and an expert communicator.

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