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Our leadership team serves and empowers our team members on their journey to becoming their best possible selves. Our Team Leads each choreograph a group of writers, designers, and project coordinators to create seamless newsletter campaigns. Our Trainers help to identify, train, and grow the native talents of each team member to help them provide the best products and customer service possible. Our management team works to build a place in which each individual talent can thrive as part of a greater purpose.

Mandy Legarreta

Marketing Manager & Head of Partnership Development

I graduated with an elementary education degree but found myself more drawn to business right from the start. I have done sales/marketing/events for quite a few different types of companies and vertical markets — as well as written 2 children’s books. (Ask me about them sometime.) I love the sales and marketing aspects of business. Seeing a business grow and helping come up with innovative and successful ideas are what I live for. I am currently looking to grow our own partnerships and referrals for The Newsletter Pro. If you have ideas or want get involved — please let me know.

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David Smith

Campaigns Assistant Manager

Hello! My name is David James Smith and I am beyond excited to be a part of The Newsletter Pro! I grew up in Idaho and graduated from Centennial High School and went on to Albertsons College on an athletic scholarship. While in college I discovered I have an addiction to work. After school I moved to Las Vegas where I learned the art of customer service and hospitality in what was at the time the largest and highest growing nightclub in the states. I brought the knowledge learned from the best experience makers in the world back home to Boise where I became involved in producing live events and concerts. I have produced well over 800 successful live events. In my free time I spend it with my amazing 5-year-old Emmalynn, my misses Jordan and our two boxers, Casanova and Xavier. Depending on the season, you’ll more than likely catch me at a music festival or up in the mountains chasing the next snow storm.

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    Tasha Wise

    Quality & Operations Manager

    Hello! I’m Tasha, the Quality & Operations Manager here at the Newsletter Pro—but I might as well be called “the Human Fire-Hydrant,” because it’s my job (and purpose in life) to put out fires the moment they spark. I am a Boise State University graduate, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and English; while enrolled, I worked at The Arbiter, the university’s student-run newspaper. In my spare time, I binge on books and Netflix, snuggle my puppies, and attempt to help my husband fix our recently purchased fixer-upper.

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      Sarah Slutz

      Campaigns Manager

      Stepping into the role of Campaigns Manager has continued to push me both professionally and personally. The challenge has been exciting and I look forward to the continued growth and contribution I can make for our expanding company. As much as I miss working directly with our clients as the Onboarding Project Manager, turning my focus inward to continue to progress our team is just as rewarding. Outside of work is full of family, friends and my favorite hobby: riding horses. My Thoroughbred, Prince, is a handful but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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