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Jordyn Hussey

Project Coordinator

Travel Enthusiast |  Coffee Connoisseur | Punk Rock Kid at Heart

Jordyn is lone-wolf and always seems to be moving around and onto the next adventure. She recently moved back to her Idahome in 2018 and became apart of the TNP family. She could not be happier as TNP has truly been what her wandering soul needed; a place to stand still. She loves the environment TNP has cultivated and is truly thankful for the opportunities TNP has provided. She is a dog Mom to a baby Chiweenie, loves all things retro, will live and die in her checkered vans, and a good cup of coffee.

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    Amanda Brown

    Team Lead

    Boise State Grad |  DIY Fanatic |  Easily Distracted by Dogs

    Though Amanda has worked in very different fields doing very different jobs, she’s found something they all have in common, coordinating projects! Everything from the conception of a project, coordinating the tasks to seeing the beautiful completion, she gets total satisfaction from organizing what some see as chaos. Idaho born and raised, she enjoys all this beautiful state has to offer with her fiancé and two pups. In her free time, she’s either spending time with family and friends, working on a DIY project or playing around with her camera.

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      Samantha Stetzer

      Lead Content Writer

      Former Journalist  |  Peppermint Tea Enthusiast  |  Adores Beagles

      Though she’s originally from Wisconsin, there’s nothing cheesy about Samantha’s work. She loves a good story and thrives on a powerful sentence – thus her career choice as a writer. In August 2018, Samantha picked up her Midwestern life and moved to Idaho for adventure and to forge her own story. She can often be found chatting with friends on a patio, exploring her community or watching The Golden Girls for the umpteenth time.

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        Jenny Miller

        Copy Editor

        BSU Alumni  |  Book Publishing Pro  |  Raised in Europe

        Jenny is a graduate of Boise State University with a degree in English. For the last four years, she worked as an editor for a trade book publisher, managing production and design and attending trade shows around the country. She doesn’t have a favorite book; she has shelves upon shelves of favorite books. In her spare time (when she isn’t reading), she can be found drinking wine straight from the bottle, binge-watching episodes of Black Mirror with her husband, and cuddling with her dogs.

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          Audrey Swift

          Editorial Designer

          Degree in Graphic Design | Plays Guitar and Ukelele | Likes Gangster Rap

          Audrey has lived in Idaho since she was 3, and she loves art, design, music, bicycles, owls, beer, coffee, and comedy. She has been married for 9 years and has 4 dogs: Rocco, Shooter, Stella, and Ginger. While her career history includes 7 years as a tattoo artist, Audrey’s passion has always been graphic design. She’s happy to have found her home with The Newsletter Pro family.

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            Darien Smartt

            Content Writer

            College of Western Idaho Grad | Chaotic Good Wordsmith | Feminist-Geek Hybrid

            If you need a geek, Darien’s your girl. A jack-of-all-trades in pop culture, her heart lies with comics, quality animation, superhero movies, epic stories, space odysseys, and her fat cat, Hiro.

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              Cecelia Oliva

              Editorial Designer

              BFA Boise State | Over 10 Years Of Design Experience | Outdoor Extraordinaire

              Cecelia is a Boise Native and BSU Bronco alumnus. Cecelia brings a fresh and playful touch to the newsletters at The Newsletter Pro. She skillfully plays with headlines, turning text into images, and creates an expressive union between content and imagery — which brings an article to life. In her free time, Cecelia likes to do all things outdoors: snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, venturing to back country hot springs in the winter, guiding rafters down the Payette River, rock climbs, hikes, and mountain bikes in the warmer weather. Go Big Blue!

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                Casey Scott

                Content Writer

                Boise State University Grad | Writer Extraordinaire | Starship Aficionado

                Born and raised in Idaho, Casey can’t bring himself to leave. Between the 4 seasons, riverside greenbelt, and amazing places to eat, the area has just about everything he could ever want.

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