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Samantha Stetzer

Lead Content Writer

Former Journalist  |  Peppermint Tea Enthusiast  |  Adores Beagles

Though she’s originally from Wisconsin, there’s nothing cheesy about Samantha’s work. She loves a good story and thrives on a powerful sentence – thus her career choice as a writer. In August 2018, Samantha picked up her Midwestern life and moved to Idaho for adventure and to forge her own story. She can often be found chatting with friends on a patio, exploring her community or watching The Golden Girls for the umpteenth time.

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    Audrey Swift

    Editorial Designer

    Degree in Graphic Design | Plays Guitar and Ukelele | Likes Gangster Rap

    Audrey has lived in Idaho since she was 3, and she loves art, design, music, bicycles, owls, beer, coffee, and comedy. She has been married for 9 years and has 4 dogs: Rocco, Shooter, Stella, and Ginger. While her career history includes 7 years as a tattoo artist, Audrey’s passion has always been graphic design. She’s happy to have found her home with The Newsletter Pro family.

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      Casey Scott

      Content Writer

      Boise State University Grad | Writer Extraordinaire | Starship Aficionado

      Born and raised in Idaho, Casey can’t bring himself to leave. Between the 4 seasons, riverside greenbelt, and amazing places to eat, the area has just about everything he could ever want.

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