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Lucy Hart

Content Writer

Boise State University Attendee | English & Writing Fanatic | Loves Cats

Lucy loves to read in her free time and write all the time. When she’s not doing either, she enjoys spending quality time with her sister and friends. On occasion, she can be caught wandering in a fiction wilderness of the digital world.

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    Erin Breen

    Project Coordinator

    BSU Art History Major | Newsletter Guru | Bringer Of Baked Goods

    Erin is a mountain town lady. Born and raised in Idaho, the wilderness is where she finds her zen. Erin can be found with a board strapped to her feet or a kayak paddle in her hands, Saturday through Sunday.

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      Katie Pelazini

      Editorial Designer

      Boise State And Idaho State Grad | Design Expert | Quick Wit, Soft Heart

      Katie loves a challenge. Whether it’s personal or professional, she is up to the task. Creating great design that speaks to the client, as well as their audience, is what Katie loves about working at The Newsletter Pro.

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        Sonya Feibert

        Content Writer

        Lewis And Clark College Alum | Word Wizard | SNL Wannabe

        A Treasure Valley native, Sonya loves Boise, from the foothills to the comedy scene. Her happy place is found whilst reading and writing. If you stumble upon her at her desk, please excuse her intense expression — she’s just obsessing over whether “peaceful” or “tranquil” will sound better in that sentence.

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          Scott Anderson

          Project Coordinator

          Musician | Writer | Nerd Extraordinaire

          Scott is originally from the southwest, but he decided to stick around Boise after earning his MFA from Boise State because he loves the area so much. He has management experience working across various industries, including nonprofits, hospitality, and film. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, writing, and playing music in local bands.

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            Joe DiGrigoli

            Lead Content Writer

            NYU Grad | Content Omnivore | Certified Sommelier

            Joe has lived all over the country, but he is proud to call Boise home. He’s an unabashed zeitgeist chaser, lover of fine wine, and moderately competent home cook. On Sunday mornings, you can find him reading the New York Times in his sweatpants.

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              Alissa Cox

              Lead Editorial Designer

              Purdue University Grad | Aspires To Create Intrigue | Feline Fanatic

              Born and raised in a small town in Southern Indiana, Alissa loves the endless adventure Boise has to offer. If she isn’t outside exploring with her husband and her two dogs, she’s probably binging on Netflix while snuggling her two cats, with her sugar glider close by.

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                John “Pun” McReynolds

                Team Lead

                Multi-Institute Experimenter | Heir Of All The Feels | Collector Of Sentiment

                Idaho grown through and through, John loves keeping his hands clean and clothes dry. While keeping busy with the wife and kiddos, John loves finding new eats with friends, attending live shows, and cheering on his Boise State Broncos.

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