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The Administration team is responsible for keeping the company up and running. While the rest of us are busy pumping out newsletter after newsletter, they’re here to make sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, that our clients are impressed, and that we’re having a little fun while we’re at it.

Katie Hill

Billing Specialist

Boise State University Grad | Billing Administrator Extraordinaire | Handmade Artisan

Katie enjoys creating elegant meals, candles, organic beauty products, jewelry, and silly sweaters for her dogs. She loves adventuring – skiing, trail running, rafting, backpacking, and traveling far and wide. She often dreams of Cambodian sunrises and is happiest when covered in clay in a ceramics studio.

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    Lauren Robblee

    Office Coordinator

    Loyal | Funny | Team Player

    Lauren is an experienced lead specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in sales, retail, customer satisfaction, operations, and customer retention, she brings all these skills and more to our team. She is also involved with volunteering in our community with organizations such as The Treasure Valley Autism Society and The Ronald McDonald House. She loves going on adventures and exploring Idaho with her family and dogs (Molly and Dexter).

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      Karli McNamee

      Executive Assistant

      Musical Theatre Degree | Shaun’s Personal Organizational Pro | Puzzle Queen

      The first onesie Karli ever wore stated, “A Star Is Born,” and boy did she let everybody know it when she was younger! Although she still gets a kick out of performing, she discovered, when she graduated with her “useless degree,” how much it helped her in the business world. She loves problem solving and keeping Shaun on time to meetings — it’s not as easy as it sounds! When not at work, she enjoys reading, knitting, doing puzzles, and making her small daughter giggle.

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