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The Administration team is responsible for keeping the company up and running. While the rest of us are busy pumping out newsletter after newsletter, they’re here to make sure that everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, that our clients are impressed, and that we’re having a little fun while we’re at it.

Haiya Rab


Hello! My name is Haiya Rab, your friendly Canadian from good ol’ Tronno (yes that is how it is pronounced!). I graduated from McMaster University with a degree in Peace Studies and Religious Studies and somehow ended up working in an engineering firm in procurement. My “raison d’etre” is my rambunctious five year old daughter and in the rare instance that I am not busy with her, I am a crime fighting ninja (just kidding!) I like to read, develop recipes, cook and dabble in amateur photography and art.  I am so excited to start working with The Newsletter Pro 🙂

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    Karli McNamee

    Executive Assistant

    My name is Karli McNamee. I just moved to Idaho from California, and I am ridiculously excited about this weather! ….And your “traffic” has been amazing. I graduated from CSU San Bernardino with a BA in Musical Theatre. I did tour with a professional children’s theatre group for a year, but ultimately found my way to business and stuck there. Most recently I was the Escalations Specialist for a company where I primarily spoke with upset customers and worked to make them happy. (If you ever need support on a difficult phone call, I’m your gal!) In my free time, I read voraciously, go see movies and live performances, Knit, cook, do puzzles, or work to convert my nieces and nephews to the wonders of my SNES.

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      Rebecca Olsen


      Hi my name is Rebecca and I am the Bookkeeper here at The Newsletter Pro! I studied Accounting and Creative Writing at the University of Hawaii in Kahului, Maui. One of my favorite classes was Critical Thinking and Deductive Reasoning — which comes in handy not only in life, but in my profession as well. I love working with numbers and solving problems and I have about 15 years experience in the accounting field. If I am not working, you can usually find me biking or running on the greenbelt, one of my favorite places to be here in Idaho!

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