Team Members Archive

Peter Klepp

Production Technician

Collector of Technical Degrees  |  Management Aficionado  |  Dad to 3 Cats

Peter was born and raised in Southern California. He moved to Idaho a year ago, and now has no plans to go back! He enjoys any outdoor activity, meeting new people, and making lasting memories. He is a self-motivated worker who takes pride in every task he completes. If he’s not at the office, you’ll find him mountain biking in the foothills or at the ice rink playing hockey. He sincerely appreciates the work environment at The Newsletter Pro and considers himself lucky to be a part of the team!

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    Danielle Talbot

    Leads Coordinator

    University of Phoenix Alumni  |  Client Success Pro  |  Cowboy Boots and Chutes

    Danielle is a lover of hiking, coffee, succulents and dusty rodeos. She spends most of her free time being active outside and soaking in her present surroundings. She has a spunky, free-spirited, 5-year-old daughter who is her right-hand gal. They love a spontaneous getaway, no matter the destination. “Aspire to inspire” are words she tries to live by in her personal and professional life. She has a knack for building personal relationships with customers and finds a thrill in the challenge of it. She is always trying to push her limits in her professional growth, even if it involves stretching outside her comfort zone.

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      Jenny Miller

      Copy Editor

      BSU Alumni  |  Book Publishing Pro  |  Raised in Europe

      Jenny is a graduate of Boise State University with a degree in English. For the last four years, she worked as an editor for a trade book publisher, managing production and design and attending trade shows around the country. She doesn’t have a favorite book; she has shelves upon shelves of favorite books. In her spare time (when she isn’t reading), she can be found drinking wine straight from the bottle, binge-watching episodes of Black Mirror with her husband, and cuddling with her dogs.

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        Jennifer Didonna

        Special Projects Coordinator

        Boise State Grad  |  Art Nerd  |  Baking Pro

        Jen graduated from Boise State University — Go Broncos — and pursued career paths in Graphic Design, Marketing, and Sales. She aspires to rule the world one day through these avenues. If she’s not working, she can be found enjoying a great craft beer with friends, creating a new cupcake recipe, or trying to run some sort of obscure/fun race.

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          Jackson Moffatt

          Marketing Consultant

          Marketing Ninja  |  Led Zeppelin Fanatic  |  World’s Greatest Dog Dad

          Jackson grew up in Boise, moved to Charleston, SC when he was a teenager, and recently moved back to the Boise area to become a PRO. He loves working with people and creating total client success, and he believes relationships are the key to doing good work. In his free time, he enjoys anything outdoors such as running, racing, hiking, camping, skydiving, and traveling. He is usually accompanied by his trusted service dog (and lifeline), Chance.

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            Madison Holland

            Copy Editor

            Simmons College Graduate  |  Amateur Poet  |  Pig Enthusiast

            Playing around with words and punctuation has always been a passion of Madison’s, and it’s her dream come true to do it for a living. She’s a native of Massachusetts but feels more Idahoan with each passing day. Outside The Newsletter Pro, Madison enjoys playing rugby, writing for her blog, backpacking, and having food cooked for her.


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              Lauren Hennrich

              Project Coordinator

              Sandwich Master  |  Sharp Shooter  |  Disney Fanatic

              Lauren is a self-proclaimed small town girl trying to make it in the city. Her skills and background include team management and studies in mechanical engineering. She is most often on an outdoor adventure or working on fun projects at home, and she is known for her terribly timed “Dad” jokes (it’s a gift!).

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                Mat Langlois

                Copy Editor

                Cornell grad  |  Canuck  |  Professional Nerd

                Mat has worn a variety of different professional hats: classical musician, music history professor, journal editor, and even motorcycle safety instructor. Now, when he’s not hunting for evil typos and errant punctuation, he spends most of his time bicycling, motorcycling, and hanging out with his dogs and other critters. Pretty much, if it has two wheels or four legs, there’s a good chance Mat’s gonna like it!

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                  Karen McGinty

                  Copy Editor

                  Boise State University  |  Editor/Technical Writer  |  Whovian

                  Karen is the former editorial manager for and has written on topics such as health, education, and women’s issues. As executive assistant to Nobel laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro and Dr. Andrew Myers, she managed and edited the Health Is Wealth and Heart Health Initiative websites and copy edited the third in their book series, “The Heart Health Initiative.” In her spare time, Karen writes trivia content for, watches everything ever aired on PBS, and grows vegetables she probably won’t eat.

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                    Jeremy Pope

                    Project Coordinator

                    Boise State Student | Media Specialist | Aspiring Film Director

                    Between pursuing his education, home renovation projects, and running around after two boys, Jeremy has his hands full. But with support from his wife and a lot of prayer, he loves every minute of it.

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                      Lucy Hart

                      Content Writer

                      Boise State University Attendee | English & Writing Fanatic | Loves Cats

                      Lucy loves to read in her free time and write all the time. When she’s not doing either, she enjoys spending quality time with her sister and friends. On occasion, she can be caught wandering in a fiction wilderness of the digital world.

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                        Kylie Bermensolo

                        Project Coordinator

                        University of ID & University of FL Grad | Culture Guru | Travel Junkie

                        An Idaho native with a passion for the outdoors, Kylie has lived and traveled all over the world. She is always working on a new skill, like practicing a new language, painting like a pro, experimenting in the kitchen, or truly anything under the sun! When it isn’t adventure time, she enjoys sharing a good beer with her husband, Ludo.

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                          Katie Hill

                          Billing Specialist

                          Boise State University Grad | Billing Administrator Extraordinaire | Handmade Artisan

                          Katie enjoys creating elegant meals, candles, organic beauty products, jewelry, and silly sweaters for her dogs. She loves adventuring – skiing, trail running, rafting, backpacking, and traveling far and wide. She often dreams of Cambodian sunrises and is happiest when covered in clay in a ceramics studio.

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