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Dalton Montgomery

Copy Editor

Pursuing a Master’s Degree  |  Loves Community Service  |  Keeps pet chickens

Idaho native with a love of serving his community. Dalton recently returned from a year of Americorps service in Newark, New Jersey. Dalton’s passion is helping others and he hopes to be a teacher full time some day.

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    Chris White

    Copy Editor

    University of Phoenix Grad |  Avid Writer and Editor  |  Drummer

    Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in e-business from the University of Phoenix. He served four years in the US Marine infantry, wrenched on bikes, started a construction company, operated a bookstore, served a small clientele as a freelance editor, and spent a couple of years working as a heavy haul trucker. He plays drums in a band pretty regularly, likes to watch football with his family on weekends, and believes that a cigar paired with conversation is just about as close to heaven as a mere mortal can get.

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      Samantha Stetzer

      Content Writer

      Former Journalist  |  Peppermint Tea Enthusiast  |  Adores Beagles

      Though she’s originally from Wisconsin, there’s nothing cheesy about Samantha’s work. She loves a good story and thrives on a powerful sentence – thus her career choice as a writer. In August 2018, Samantha picked up her Midwestern life and moved to Idaho for adventure and to forge her own story. She can often be found chatting with friends on a patio, exploring her community or watching The Golden Girls for the umpteenth time.

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