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Embrace Complaints

Got Complaints? Hug Your Haters!

Everyone has haters. No matter how hard you try, there’s bound to be someone complaining loudly after each mistake. It’s up to you to decide how to handle complaints. Was pop icon Taylor Swift right when she said you should just “shake it off?” Or, does it pay to embrace complaints and Hug Your Haters, […]

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Increase Profits, Credibility, & Trust by Combining Direct Mail & Online Marketing

It seems like a lot of attention is being paid to online marketing strategies in 2016, but the traditional marketing method of direct mail is as important as ever. If you’re focusing only on online marketing, you’re leaving some very powerful marketing opportunities on the table in the form of postcards, newsletters, flyers, catalogues, and […]

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What’s Trending?

The word “trend” seems to have lost some of it’s meaning. These days, it’s associated more with Twitter and Instagram than it is with progression, and if you were to ask someone “What’s trending?” They’re more likely to respond in the form of a hashtag than they are with any real information. That’s not to […]

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