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Brand Clarity

Take Control of Your Brand

Long before “branding” was an ambiguous marketing term, the concept played a critical role in the development of capitalism. Take a step back in time, and you’ll find evidence of branding as far back as the Bronze Age — roughly 4,000 years ago. Metalsmiths of the era marked their armor with a symbol. When soldiers […]

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write original, persuasive, natural, useful, informative content

Know the Content Code

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve made the decision to start mailing a newsletter. You listened time and again as professionals in your field sang the praises of direct mail, explaining how their custom newsletter increased their retention and helped them stay top of mind, and you finally jumped on board. Congratulations! Now what? How will […]

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Your Newsletter Needs a Personal Cover

  “Personal articles are the single most important element to having a successful newsletter.” ~Shaun Buck, CEO, The Newsletter Pro At TNP, we’ve run into business professionals who sabotage their direct mail campaigns (particularly their newsletter) month after month. All because they subscribe to the idea that their newsletter doesn’t need a personal touch, particularly in […]

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The 6 Star Principles for Maximizing Referrals and Customer Retention, Part 1

When I first started The Newsletter Pro in 2011, the company was actually called Solution Marketers. We sold three products: The first product was a direct mail campaign to restaurants; the second was a direct mail campaign for dentists; and the third product was newsletters. About 18 months into Solution Marketers, I realized I needed […]

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The Science of Newsletters: Advice from 3 Leading Experts on Making Your Newsletter Work for You

We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of mailing out a monthly print newsletter. After all, that’s what The Newsletter Pro is all about! But the effectiveness of that newsletter depends on a variety of things. Believe it or not, there’s actually a science to newsletter marketing — which makes our pros […]

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Notes From the Underworld — Part 2

(check out part 1!) Sokaiya Scams and Embarrassed Execs While the Yamaguchi-Gumi Shinpo wasn’t exactly the most traditional in-house glossy, it was still pretty much a corporate newsletter: an informational and inspirational publication sent to an organization’s employees from its leadership. However, not all yakuza newsletters are so innocuous. One of the most profitable provinces […]

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Blackhat Marketing - Written on Blue Keyboard Key.

Notes From the Underworld: Black Hat Newsletters and the Japanese Mafia — Part 1

As fond of them as I may be, newsletters probably aren’t widely considered the most mysterious, exotic, secretive, dangerous, glamorous, or romantic affair. It’s an understandable sentiment, they’re pretty straightforward. But while the newsletter familiar to the average Westerner is no doubt deemed a harmless (though financially effective) creature, there are places where their character […]

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Did We Mention Retention?

Happy New Year! Now that 2015 has finally hit, you’re probably busy thinking up all the ways you can boost your business over the next 365 days. For many of you, that means pursuing new leads, trying new marketing techniques, and focusing on your sales. While those things are important, you might be missing out […]

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Fast food

Minimize Your Efforts and Maximize Your Exposure

As a business owner, you might find yourself feeling like you are constantly being pulled in a dozen different directions. Your customers need your attention, your employees need your attention, your internal marketing plans need your attention, your business itself needs your attention … not to mention your family and friends need your attention. There […]

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