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Honesty Is The Best Policy For Crisis Management

All companies screw up from time to time. What makes crisis management worse is when they aren’t honest after a mistake. Not only is it unethical to cover up an error, but it’s often the kiss of death for customers. People can excuse an error. What they can’t excuse is lying. How you manage a […]

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The Body Shop and a Public Relations Coup

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we face setbacks all the time. How we handle these setbacks — and manage public relations in the midst of them — can determine the fate of our business. Handle a setback poorly, and you may end up the victim of dire consequences. Handle a setback with outside-the-box thinking, and […]

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Red bull Empire

How Red Bull Built A Legendary Brand Empire

Behind every business is a dream. Countless businesses of every size have strived to take control of their brand. They want to control the message — the brand experience — as it reaches customers. In this arena, the businesses that have had control over their own media have often been those achieving the most success. […]

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