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Why printed newsletters are the "weapon of choice" for successful businesses. Unlike Google or social media, newsletters sent via direct mail are hidden from your competitors.

How sending a monthly publication establishes you as an expert in your field and builds a trust relationship with your clients.

The case of the "$8,000 client" who was given to one dentist--on a golf course--and what it means for your company.

How to tap multiple streams of referrals from chiropractors, real estate agents, and other professionals--even if you don't know them.

How to explode revenue by targeting the one group of people who are more likely to refer ideal clients.


Building Relationships and Getting Referrals:

Why Newsletters Are a Top-Tier Marketing Tool

Depending on what industry you’re in, the services you provide may often amount to a “one and done” scenario. Many needs are attended to and met sufficiently after one visit or purchase, so your services may or may not be needed again by that individual.

However, the likelihood of your former customer knowing someone else who needs your services is extremely significant. Think about the social circles of most people – friends, family, co-workers, other acquaintances.

Within every person’s social circle you can tap into an unlimited pool of prospective clients and customers. And not only are these potential customers accessible, they are actually more valuable than customers obtained through other means.

In fact, “a recent study published in the AMA Journal of Marketing makes it clear: referral marketing generates customers who have higher lifetime values, are more loyal, and contribute higher margins per year than other customers” (Extole).

The truth is that while people may only hire you once, it is immensely likely that your customer will interact with someone who could use your services – turning that one customer into another, who is likely to refer another, who in turn will refer yet another customer, and so on.

So...Why Aren’t You Getting All These Referrals?

Past clients (or just people who interact with your business in some manner) can only refer people to you if they can actually remember you.

Here’s the unfortunate, but fixable, truth: people’s memories are short-lived. Even in cases where you create an incredible outcome for your client or customer, you are unlikely to be remembered when the time comes for the referral. However, if you build a relationship with the people on your list and regularly “show up,” you keep yourself fresh in their minds.
How Do You Maintain Your Relationship with Past Clients and Customers to Get More Referrals?








In fact, we ensure our clients’ success by recommending they create a campaign where a monthly print newsletter is going out not only to their current customers, but often to past customers and other important contacts, including other professionals in the community who may be good referral sources.

Principles You Must Understand to Successfully Cultivate Long-term Relationships










  • Frequency of Communication - You don’t have relationships with people you don’t talk to. You also don’t have relationships with people who, when you do talk to them, are always asking you for something.

  • Consistency - Inconsistency sends a message that you are, at a minimum, disorganized.

  • Creativity in Your Communication - You need to communicate information that is interesting, personal, relevant, and speaking directly to your ideal reader. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust … it is your job to let them know you through quality, creative content, so they have the opportunity to like you and so they can connect with you, which helps them trust you.

  • Variety of Styles in Communication - You cannot have a single method of communicating. Not only is it very unstable (as you never know when a form of communication may become less effective), it also just isn’t smart. People consume information in multiple ways and value various media differently. This, by the way, is why print newsletter stand out – most people are used to just getting electronic newsletters! Simply changing the dynamic and moving the conversation offline works wonders for sustaining a great relationship with your patients.

  • Personality/Celebrity - Adding celebrity (even local celebrity) or at least personality to any business will be a game changer, because as a society, we’re programmed to value personality/celebrity. People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust, and they’re willing to spend more with someone they see as a personality or a celebrity because of how they feel about that person.

  • Quality - The look and feel of your product, service, and marketing matters. Your content can’t suck. If it looks like your articles were outsourced to a foreign service provider or add no value, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Our content is central to what we do here, so when I read articles written by my team, I am always looking for the one (or more) big idea. I want to ensure we are bringing that added value to our clients’ experience.


The answer is fairly simple. Send a printed, mailed, monthly newsletter.

I’m not saying this just as a piece of advice to follow. This is a reflection of what we do at Stelzl Visionary and what our top performing clients do to build superior market position. Print newsletters are one of the three best marketing tools you can use in your marketing strategy (and it’s easy!).

If we were starting a brand new business, one of the first things I would do is mail a monthly print newsletter.

Below, you will find six principles identified by Shaun Buck (owner of The Newsletter Pro, our recommended vendor) to create fantastic long-term relationships with potential, current, and past patients. Shaun and his team publish newsletters for hundreds of clients, and are our top recommended vendor for creating and sending a print newsletter (even cooler is the fact that your newsletter will truly be custom and taken care of for you by his team – the work is minimal on your part).

Take a look...

We use all of these principles as part of sending out our monthly newsletter. It regularly pulls in new and referred clients, and the return on investment makes it one of our most reliable marketing tools.

If you have thought about getting a newsletter started for your business (or you’re thinking about it now after reading this article), we would recommend getting Shaun's book on newsletters. This resource will give you even more information on relationship-building and the potential referrals you could get for your business by using this top-tier marketing tool.

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No strings attached - We'll even cover shipping!

Get your FREE copy of the Amazon best-selling book, Newsletter Marketing, brought to you by...

As a bonus we'll send you 3 SAMPLE NEWSLETTERS,

PLUS a CD INTERVIEW with Shaun Buck, CEO of The Newsletter Pro, on

"The Most Powerful Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal"