Think Different

Everyone’s familiar with that old Apple slogan: “Think Different.” In a day and age where there’s so much noise and a ton of competition for pretty much everything, I feel like it’s more important than ever to stand out. Whether you call that “going against the grain” or just being innovative, standing out from the crowd is essential to a successful business. Let’s look at how to do it!

Why You Should Keep Things Weird At Work

Company culture can be a hard thing to get right. It might be cool for employees at Facebook to have rooms for napping, or an executive at Pixar to travel via Segway, but we’re real businesses who have to get real work done… right? Well, maybe we should take a page from this Inc. Magazine article on fostering the “weird” in our culture and team members. Here, the word “weird” is closer to playful, quirky, authentic, and real in meaning. Encouraging individuality to flourish will spill over into all of the more productive aspects of your business.

Content Creation to Make Your Business Stand Out

Promoting a bit of “weird” in your company culture can extend to your marketing efforts. You don’t want to seem like everyone else, whether you’re looking internally or externally. One excellent way to stand out is to copy a technique used by Google, which changes its home page image on occasion to coincide with holidays or trending topics. Check out this article and learn how implementing this powerful strategy in your content marketing and online media can consistently set you apart from the rest.

5 Unique Strategies to Increase Sales

Don’t forget to apply this newfound commitment to weirdness to sales. There are all kinds of techniques you can use to improve your sales success. Have you thought about employing a personal consulting calls to follow up after a sale and go for potential cross-selling and up-selling? How about stick letters that offer them tips on making the most of their order, while also including another product that can improve results even more? Learn more about these unique sales strategies here!


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