Spring Cleaning

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and my wife has been eyeballing our overflowing closet suspiciously for the past several weeks. This can only mean one thing: spring cleaning. People everywhere are getting ready to delve into their crowded garages, overstuffed storage sheds, and musty attics in the spirit of starting fresh, and your business should be no exception. As you apply the old mantra, “Out with the old, in with the new” to your house and home, consider doing the same for your marketing plan, your sales funnel, and your company culture. Here’s how:


4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Business

When it comes to your marketing and customer acquisition efforts, you rarely deviate from the well-worn path. After all, those old, familiar methods are tried and true, so why change now? Let me ask you this: when’s the last time you tried something new or different? The world of marketing is always changing, and you have to be willing to change right along with it. Start by testing out a new marketing tactic on a small portion of your demographic—you might just be surprised by the results! Read on for three more tips to spring clean your business.

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Sales Funnel

When your funnel is clogged, it can be impossible for new leads to make it past those roadblocks. If you’re having trouble converting new leads into sales, it could be a clog in the system that’s to blame. This spring, work to spring clean your sales funnel and get your new leads flowing in a steady, unimpeded stream. Follow these four steps to ensure your sales funnel is clear of potential build-up and watch the new leads pour in.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for More Organized Hiring

When it comes to your hiring, it’s all about “in with the new.” But if your hiring process is messy and disorganized (much like your garage after a long, cold winter), it’s time to re-evaluate your hiring needs. Cut out the clutter, clean up your job descriptions, and look for the inefficiencies in your process. You might be surprised just how clear things become! Read on for tips.

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