When It Comes To Social Media Marketing, OREO Is One Smart Cookie

On the topic of social media marketing, Oreo is a pro.

Aside from being milk’s favorite cookie (and mine), OREO became Twitter’s favorite cookie back in 2013 when their timely nod to the Super Bowl blackout was retweeted more than 15,000 times in just 14 hours–not quite enough to land them on the “top 10 most retweeted tweets” list, but close. Since then, @OREO’s approximate 485k followers have relied on the chocolatey treats to keep them up to date on current events in a creative (not to mention, delicious) fashion. Fortunately, @OREO was more than up for the challenge. Check out their Pinterest board for a glimpse of creative campaigns gone by.

This year, @OREO’s #DeckTheBalls #OREOCookieBalls campaign is no exception. Their humorous videos and quick responses have earned them a place in our hearts… and our bellies. Here’s what they’re doing right this holiday season (and what you should be doing too!).

  1. They’re covering all their bases.

Twitter is obviously @OREO’s forte’, but they’ve made a mark for themselves on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as well. However, while they’ve got more than 38 million followers on Facebook, and more than 248k on Instagram, their Pinterest is followed by a measly 6,000 people. Do you think they care? No. By advertising themselves across the board of social media, they’re reaching virtually every demographic. The lesson here: Your fans should be able to find you (and follow you), no matter what.

  1. They’re staying current.

Virtually all of @OREO’s online appeal is their nod to current events. Their marketing team is on pulse and on point when it comes to trending topics–but they do it all with one thing in mind: their cookies. From welcoming a giant panda baby into the world, to welcoming the newest prince of England, there’s an OREO for every occasion. The lesson here: Use trending topics to boost your own visibility.

  1. They’re interacting with their followers.

@OREO is the “Dos Equis man” of the cookie world–they don’t always respond to fans, but when they do, it’s pretty epic. They’re notorious for their quick and witty responses to both fans and brands alike (especially when that brand is @TacoBell), and it’s that interaction that reminds us that they’re human. The lesson here: Interact with your clients on a human level–especially during the holiday season. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and your company culture. TNP says it all the time, “people like to work with people they know and like!”

Even if you’re not milk’s favorite cookie, you can still do as the OREOs do and take the social media world by storm.


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