Shaun Buck -Says Take a Sneak Peek at Our ICON14 Booth

What to expect when we see you at ICON14.

Here’s our sneak peek Q and A with Shaun Buck from The Newsletter Pro. Find out what what you’re in for when you visit the booth at ICON14. ICON14 is the exciting small business event, all about offering extremely high value content and networking. The Newsletter Pro booth is right on par with that and one booth you won’t want to miss. Read the interview below to find out more and see the offers and prizes their running at the show. You’ll want to make The Newsletter Pro a for sure stop on your agenda.

First off, what is The Newsletter Pro?

In a sentence? The Newsletter Pro is my dream company. After years and years of starting and selling a handful of my own businesses, I wanted to create a business that would help other startups (like myself) grow and improve their companies. What began as a simple direct mailer campaign eventually grew into the newsletter marketing company it is today. The Newsletter Pro creates custom newsletters that are professionally written, designed, printed, and mailed on a monthly basis. As of right now, we mail over 1.5 million newsletters for diverse businesses annually.

We’re excited to see you at ICON14! What can we expect to see at your booth?

We’re confident that a newsletter will not only boost your client retention rate, but also expand your business and increase your profits. Which is why we’ll be handing out ICON-only discounts and deals to those who visit our booth! If you’re interested in signing up for a custom print newsletter, stop on by and see what you can save!

We heard you have some fun surprises in store, can you give us a preview?

The Newsletter Pro is all about building relationships with clients, but we’re not afraid to have a little fun along the way! Our booth will be stocked with all the necessities you need to make it through ICON14 in one piece, and that includes classic arcade games! We’ll be handing out prizes and popcorn all day long – no quarters needed! You could walk away with anything from an Amazon gift card to a screaming deal on newsletters. Be sure and practice up on your Pacman!

Are you going to be hosting any breakout sessions?

Of course! There’s nothing I love more than talking to other entrepreneurs about building their businesses. I’ll be presenting on Wednesday, April 23, in the demo theater located in the exhibit hall, from 5:15 to 5:35 PM. Learn how to double your referrals and boost your retention rates in 20 minutes or less!

So what makes The Newsletter Pro different from the competition?

Well, for starters; we’re doing something that no one else is doing – we offer 100% custom newsletters that are completely done for you. And we’ve got the process perfected! Signing up with The Newsletter Pro is the absolute easiest way to increase your referrals, boost your retention rate, and skyrocket your sales – and you don’t have to lift a finger! A custom newsletter will ensure that your company is miles ahead of your competition.

ICON14 is gearing up to be a pretty exciting event, what’s your take on it?

We’re very excited! It’s sure to be a blast and we’re looking forward to meeting with a ton of new businesses. Of course, we always embrace any opportunity to meet up with our clients in person and grow our real-life “social network.”

Do you have any advice for first time ICON attendees?

Be prepared for anything! Wear comfortable shoes, mingle with your fellow small-business owners, and, above all, stop by our booth for some vintage arcade games! Trade shows can be overwhelming; just remember what you’re there for and stick to it! Be sure to read our Trade Show Survival Guide also, its got everything you need. And stay tuned for Part 3.


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