Custom Print Newsletter Services


Our custom print newsletter campaign includes 4 pages of custom content that’s not only tailored to your demographic, but written in your voice and designed to be a seamless extension of your brand. Custom print newsletter services are the number one way to generate referrals, boost retention, and form long-lasting relationships with your clients.


An 8-page newsletter allows you to provide your clients with double the amount of worthwhile, beneficial, and entertaining content. It’s more likely to be passed around than its 4-page counterpart (hello, referrals!), and it tends to have a longer shelf life, which means your clients will refer back to it for months to come.


Add-on Services


An html newsletter works best in conjunction with your monthly print newsletter. Think of it as a supplement–it’s not enough on it’s own, but it can do amazing things once paired with a print campaign. Your clients can access it anytime, anywhere–keeping you and your business at the forefront of their mind.


A free-standing insert (or FSI) is the perfect place to provide sales copy without sacrificing the integrity of your newsletter. An FSI allows you to include a call to action, announce upcoming events, or extend a special offer. Plus, your clients are more likely to remember the information they see on the FSI.


CDs and DVDs are a great way to leverage your celebrity status within your respective field. Webinars, podcasts, speaking opportunities–you name it! Send us your files and we’ll not only burn, package, and mail your disks, but also create a custom CD design that serves as an extension of your brand.


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