Rock the Name Game: 5 Superstar Tricks for Remembering Names

As a business professional you know how important it is to network, part of that is remembering the names of the people you meet. Whether it’s a customer, business partner, or at an event such as the GKIC SuperConference or next month’s ICON 2014 – nailing that name can be the difference between making a great impression or being embarrassed.


When you remember someone’s name it makes them feel important and valued. It’s that difference that makes your customer experience top-notch. The world’s best entrepreneurs have trained themselves to not let that detail slip by unnoticed.

Here are a few practical tricks to remembering names. 

1. Challenge yourself. Say the person’s name 3 times before your conversation ends. Once on meeting, once on parting, and once during the conversation. You’ll not only remember better, but they’ll also feel well cared for.

2. Glasses = John. Make a memorable connection with the person’s name to something you already know. “My friend John wears glasses and the John I just met wears glasses.”Remembering Names Tips

3. Visual Clue. Pay attention to a person’s name tag or business card. Focus on using your visual memory to associate the name in print with his or her face.

4. What was that? Clarify any names that you didn’t quite catch or that are difficult to pronounce. Repeat the person’s names back to them. If a name is tricky, asking a person to spell it could help further.

5. 1,000 Apologies! If you really can’t remember someone’s name, apologize sincerely and ask the person to remind you. Bonus points if you remember it the next time you meet!

Names can be tricky, but everyone has the capacity to be an expert with them. Practice these tips for remembering names the next time you meet someone new and you’ll be training yourself for more success in every avenue of life. You will surprise yourself when you meet someone a second time and instantly remember their name!

See you at GKIC SuperConference. We’ll be expecting you get our name right!!

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