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How can I use my current resources to get more referrals?

How can I consistently convert prospects into ideal clients?

How can I get clients to use my other products and services?

These are the top three questions we get from business owners... 

In fact, one of the major trends we’re seeing is business owners wanting to know how to accelerate their growth by supplementing their existing lead generation.   

Now let me ask you a question (or two)…

Imagine what you could do:

If the number of customers you lost each month was cut if half?

What if Customers spend 30% more per year with you? (and got more value from your business

What if leads that came in 12 months ago converted into customers today?

Wouldn’t that make running your business, (and even just life) a whole less stressful? (trust me the answer is YES...)

That's Why We Wrote the Book On It!

That right, through research and hard work, we’ve cracked the code. The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters outlines the exact same marketing plan we used at our company, The Newsletter Pro, to grow 2975% in the last three years, putting us at spot #120 on the Inc. 500 list.

In the book we’ll show you the strategies we’ve used to get 100’s of referrals from existing clients. We’ve even managed to get referrals from prospects with this system.

You’ll discover the method we use to build relationships with prospects to close more sales and exactly how we continue that relationship once they become customers to maximize customer retention and referrals.

By focusing on customer retention you are getting the most out of your marketing investment, by building momentum instead of constantly paying to attract new clients. In order to attain increased company growth you must build your client base, instead of replacing lost clients.

Don’t worry, processes in the book are super easy to use and can be implemented at any time by anyone.

When you get our book and learn to put a newsletter to use in your business you'll see:

More referrals from existing customers (and even prospects!)

Increased customer retention for all your customers

Increased customer lifetime value, as a newsletter gives you a platform to show off all of your other products or services

More prospects converting to customers

Don’t go another day without getting the book, The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters.

Seriously… don’t do it

Why allow customers to leave and go to competitors or another prospect you spent hard earned money on to be wasted?

Don’t wait another minute and potentially lose another customer or referral… especially when price won’t be an issue! Because for the first 150 people I’m giving this book away for free (I’m even covering the shipping and handling charges!)

Click the button below and claim your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters.

Don’t wait this offer will expire upon us mailing 150 books, click the button and grab yours while they are still 100% free.

What Others Are Saying...

Okay, you wanted the truth about The Ultimate Guide to Newsletters here's the truth...I've had doing a newsletter on my to-do list since 1994 when I started my busness! I got Buck's book and had a four page, full color newsletter mailed to my top 500 list within 30 days of reading the book. Issue number 4 is next month, it's grown to 8 pages and 1000 subscribers. If you want to finally get your newsletter the dang book, or skip the book and go twenty years thinking about having a newsletter. Just be sure to pray each evening that none of your competitors read Buck's book.

-Wally Conway, HomePro Inspections

Before I implemented a newsletter, my client forgot my name as soon as I settled their case. I wasn’t getting any referral, and hardly any repeat clients. Now, it’s hard to take my dog for walks without satisfied customers coming up to greet me, and I am getting hundreds of referrals every year.

– Shane Smith, Law offices of Shane Smith

Shaun is presenting a strategy in this book that is critical for ALL businesses. A newsletter keeps us in front of our customers and potential customers. What Shaun has outlined in the book - and given in reprints of some articles - is pure content that gives us a flavor of what to do in our newsletters. If you are hestatinge, Don't. Call Shaun and discuss your questions and hesistations - he is a master at this stuff. And he gets results."

- Bob Arnold, Architect and Networking Success

  Mastermind group leader

This book was awesome! My favorite part was reading about Shaun's FAILS as an early entrepreneur putting out a newsletter. It was fun to see the evolution of his knowledge over time and testing and being able to take those tips and tricks without having to fail at the beginning. "

-Tina Mitchell

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful we are for the amazing job [The Newsletter Pro is] doing with our newsletters. The clients love knowing what’s going on with Dr. Brown and it’s become obvious that they feel more loyal to him because they’ve gotten to know and care about him. Patients are coming in and talking with us like we are old friends about the things they’ve read about in our newsletter lately. The coolest thing for me, as the head of marketing, is the massive amount of new clients we receive every month, both from the newsletter and the fantastic new mover campaign! The other dental offices we’ve referred to [them] are loving their newsletter experience and my husband and I are so excited to head out on our cruise getaway! What an awesome referral gift, by the way! You guys rock!”

– Shannon Love, Marketing Manager Castlebury Dental

Know Exactly How to Build a Loyal Client Base that Continually Brings You Increased Profits and Maximimum Referrals

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