Quack Attack: Take a Page From Oregon’s Playbook

Hand Drawing Soccer Game TacticsAs the University of Oregon’s football team prepares for the National Championship game this week against Ohio State University, fans of high-powered, uptempo offenses will be licking their chops. After watching the Duck’s trouncing of last year’s National Champion Florida State Seminoles last week, it’s apparent that sometimes the best defense is having a great offense. So if your company or business is currently struggling to put “points on the board,” you may want to take out your playbook and add some of Oregon’s offensive philosophies to your repertoire.

Start Fast! The Ducks’ use of their lightning-fast offense to get as many plays off in a game as possible. Their idea is that the more plays you have in a game, the more chances you have to score. Take on this same ideal with your business. Starting strong with clients can build a lasting respect and trust that will keep them coming back in the future. Things like first-time promotions or even welcome kits to new clients can be the type of surprise or generosity that someone remembers for a long time.

Be Creative If you watch Oregon play, the variety of ways that they move the ball never ceases to amaze. Whether they’re running, throwing, or using sleight of hand with the ball–they’re always trying something new. You can do this be staying creative with your marketing strategies. Use social media to do photo contests for your clients or create a hashtag that they can use to identify your business. This can create buzz for your company and is one of the cheapest forms of advertising.

Spread The Ball Around Whether the ball’s in the hands of their Heisman quarterback, the receivers, or their running backs, you can count on U of O getting everyone a touch. Use this philosophy with your clients. Offering specials for referrals can be a great strategy when it comes to grassroots marketing. Other promos like family discounts or designated days for Veterans, first-responders, or students can also bring in more business.

Finish Strong When the University of Oregon takes a lead into the fourth quarter, they don’t sit on the ball and try to run the clock out–they continue to pile it on by putting up more points on the scoreboard. Think of this with your own clients: Don’t just meet their expectations, exceed them so they remember how hard you worked for them and the service or product that you provided. Going above and beyond for someone is hands-down the best way for them to see the value of you and your business.


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