The Psychology of Business

Here at The Newsletter Pro, our clients range from dentists, to lawyers, to the occasional magician. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that our content creation team is responsible for coming up with a vast array of content — occasionally, philosophical articles make their way into a newsletter. As it turns out, philosophy isn’t limited to Freudian thinking or Platonic dialogues on the human condition — the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge can be applied to nearly every aspect of your business as well. Don’t believe me? Check out these articles:

The Marketing Philosophy That Works From the Bottom Up–And Has the Results to Prove It

Marketers of yore believed in a “top down” approach–and you might still be practicing this archaic technique. However, as this article argues, the people of today are far more connected than they ever were in the past. If you want to make an impact, you might want to consider starting from the bottom up. Read on to find out how!

Building Your Personal Philosophy for Success

All top sales performers have just one thing in common: a personal philosophy … “daily habits and disciplined beliefs that are at the root of how they do business.” Meanwhile, their less successful competitors are too busy repeating past mistakes or placing blame to realize  they’re hurting their own success. Fortunately, creating a personal philosophy is as easy as determining what type of salesperson you want to be and making a personal commitment adopt that mindset. Check out this article for tips!

How to Create a Company Philosophy

We’ve talked at length about the roles company culture and core values play in our lives, but we only recently discovered that those things feed into the overall company philosophy — how we make decisions, how we present ourselves (via branding or customer service), and how we handle tricky situations. So, how do you turn your culture into an ingrained philosophy? It all starts with fostering the culture you’ve already formed … click the link above for more information.


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