Newsletters: Not Just for the ’70s Anymore!

You will never guess what I got in the mail the other day. A direct mail newsletter! I know, right? I did not think that any companies did newsletter marketing anymore. But you know what, it was kind of nice to see that. It tells me that the company cares enough to put the time into newsletter management. And, I learned plenty of stuff in the process.

NewspapersYou know, before I got the newsletter I had pretty much forgotten all about the company. Then, when it physically came in the mail, it totally reminded me how much I enjoyed this company and their product. And now I enjoy that they are using a newsletter company too.

I almost immediately went to their website to check them out again. My brother had gotten the same newsletter in the mail, but he had never heard of the company. So he checked out their site too. And he bought something that day. The newsletter was a great reminder for me, and a fantastic introduction for him. Not to mention how effective the company newsletter management turned out to be.

So, of course, when I got to work, I had to tell my buddy about it. He checked it out on lunch break and fell in love with the company too. How fortuitous that the company should send their newsletter management today. It was brilliant on their part. They gained a few new customers, because my co worker bought something too, just from my referral.

And I found some stuff in that newsletter that I did not even know that they sold. It was a neat way to see some of the other products that they offer. I never would have gone to the site on my own, so it was a nice, friendly reminder showing me that they have more than just what I have bought before. By showing me more in the newsletter, they did not even have to wait for me to log onto their site to see their product.

I kept the newsletter too. It is fun, and I have not finished reading it yet. When I am done, I will take it from my coffee table and pass it on. You will really dig it, I bet. Hey, you know what I just realized? Your company would probably really benefit from hiring a newsletter publisher.

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