Newsletter Creation Process at a Glance!

1Consultation Meeting

Discuss associated pricing and campaign options


Congratulations, you’ve already completed this!


After you and your Newsletter Pro consultant have agreed on the campaign size and pricing, we are then onto the agreement! This agreement is where we make sure we have all the correct contact and billing information, outlines all the pricing for your new full custom newsletter, and explains our terms of service. Once this agreement is signed and returned to The Newsletter Pro, it is handed over to a team of Pros that are ready to on-board you. We begin by scheduling a content meeting.

3Content Meeting

LifeCycle_icon_0Your On-Boarding Campaign Specialist will discuss:


Demographic Identification: Who are we targeting?


Demographic is a large part of direct mail and a main factor in its success. We want to take the time to really understand who it is we are mailing to so that the content, the layout, and the design are all contributing to that success.


Newsletter Design Creation: Discuss the custom template that will be designed based upon your company’s current branding.


Brand consistency is a key element in recognition and top of mind awareness. Our designers are trained to integrate your brand story throughout your newsletter so that it is not only visually dynamic, but also connect imagery to copy with the best readability.


Newsletter Content Creation: We create content and articles from scratch that are unique to you, your company and your clients.


Business owners are always inquiring about the content we place in each newsletter. Our writing and editing staff is trained to make sure that your publication sounds like it came straight from your desk without you ever having to write a word. They take prompts, do local research, and look into your demographic and what it is they are wanting to read. It is important that we grasp their attention with information and entertainment that is going to better their lives. We make this a publication, a relationship piece, NOT a sales pitch.


Newsletter Layout: Categories of content selected based upon your business and your demographic


This is crucial to making sure every month we know what you are looking for within your own full custom newsletter. We can create content base solely off your decision of categories so that you don’t have to think of a topic every month, we do that for you!

4Personalized Cover Article Interview

LifeCycle_icon_1The first page of the newsletter is where the personalized cover article will be placed. This can be what’s new in your life, vacation, hobbies, or just getting to know you!


People do business with people, not a business. They come to you because the service you offer, they stay with you because of the relationship built and quality of service. Sharing details of your life- allowing people to connect with you- allows them to relate to you. And you never know what someone could relate to these. That relationship is what sets you apart from your competitors and that is why we feel it is an integral part of any newsletter! It allows for your customers to put down their sales guard so that you can, over time, suggest a product or service of yours that they will be more likely to take you up on.


You are given your own writer that would do a quick interview with you once a month, so they can hear your tone inflexion and grammar preferences, as well as a bit of background information that will help them complete that ghost writing for you every month.


First interview is scheduled during the Content Meeting. This first interview is typically 20-30 minutes, with subsequent interviews falling closer to approximately 15 minutes.

5First proof

LifeCycle_icon_3You receive a “full content proof;” this is your last chance to make changes. See something you don’t like? Let your Project Manager know!

6Revision Process

LifeCycle_icon_4Upon receiving the first proof, we start the proofing process.


You can trust in us


What we create for you is 100% custom, we will never publish an article, place a design element, or go to print without your consent. It is important the layout and content of your newsletter is approved by you, front to back. Upon completing 2-3 revisions, we receive your final approval, then we will then print and mail!


LifeCycle_icon_5We send you your final, perfected proof–with your stamp of approval, we’ll send it off to Production. See something you missed? Let your Project Manager know.


LifeCycle_icon_8We complete all fulfillment in house also, ensuring quality control of all newsletters printed.


List management is included for every edition. We run your mailing list through the USPS National Change of Address Registry as well as remove any duplicates. We want to make sure that you are maximizing on your per piece price by only sending one newsletter to each address unless otherwise prompted.


We can create a list for you! We have access to databased that can compile a list of names based on the demographic you are wanting to target we are happy to explore this option if it is the right avenue to take to initiate you campaign.


*We repeat steps 4-8 for your monthly newsletter creation*