Managing Remote Teams

emptyAvatarRemote teams are all the rage today, with many companies choosing to outsource a lot of their projects to freelancers and contract workers. While I do work with contractors and consultants on some tasks, such as software development, the vast majority of my team comes to work at our physical office location in West Boise.

For me, it’s hard to imagine my business succeeding with a team of remote workers, but every business is different. Whether your company is already remote or just toying with the idea, here’s some great information about managing remote teams.

Hard-Earned Lessons From Building a Remote Culture

The TNP team has just started using Help Scout, so it’s interesting for me to see what Help Scout co-founder Nick Francis has to say about building a remote culture. He suggests that you decide upfront whether your company is remote culture or office culture, because blending the two is next to impossible. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar office, remote workers need access to all of the same information and must be treated equally, or it’s not going to work. Learn more about remote culture in this great Help Scout article.

How to Make Your Remote Marketing Team Work

For remote marketing teams, communication is the most important thing. You need reliable technology for instant messaging, email, voice calls, file sharing, and video conferencing. It’s also important to utilize social media efficiently and keep tabs on customer engagement. If you want to know more about remote marketing communications, check out this post for some handy suggestions.

How to Create a High-Performing Remote Sales Culture

A successful salesperson needs a quality communications setup and software that supports their efforts, but they also need the input of the rest of their team. In this Hubspot post on sales teams, the author stresses the importance of routines to keep everyone on target. Although it can be hard to have the team on the same page when everyone is separated by distance, systems and routines make sure that everything is running smoothly. Click here for more tips on remote sales teams.


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