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Happy Valentine’s Day! I know many of you are more focused on showing your sweetheart just how much you care this weekend, and less focused on your business. But, as a business owner, you know that success is only possible if you truly love what you do. Here’s a few articles to help you spread the love today, tomorrow, and all the days following.

Redefining Love at Work: How to Foster a Sense of Connection

Most business owners don’t exactly encourage office romances (and I’m one of them), but, as this article argues, love is the secret to creating a positive and productive workplace. That being said, “forget the kind of love you see in greeting cards and on Valentines,” and instead, think of love as any shared positive emotion–like pride or compassion. Sharing those experiences results in a more connected workplace. Read on for the top 4 tips that can help you lead a more connected company.

Why do Customers Fall in Love? A Valentine for an Audience of One

You probably spent at least a few minutes searching for the perfect card to tell your Valentine exactly how you feel. That card is tailored to your loved one’s likes and dislikes, and is a representation of your genuine appreciation for them. Now, imagine presenting your Valentine with a generic card, rather than that hand selected one, and, whoops, you didn’t even sign it. Can’t you just see the disappointment on their face? Well, that’s how your clients feel every time they receive a mass produced marketing effort from your company. According to this article, you have to romance your customers if you want them to develop any loyalty to you and your business. Here’s how.

5 Reasons I Love Sales, and Why You Just Might, Too

Some people love sales, others… not so much. For those on the fence, Jeff Shore, self-appointed sales expert, has listed out the top five reasons he loves sales–and why you should too! First and foremost, sales are all about improving people’s lives by providing them with a product or service they need. When you look at it that way, salespeople are a little bit like romantic superheroes–making the world a better place one sale at a time. Open your heart to sales this Valentine’s Day!

Lead With Love

Last but not least, remember that leadership is all about leading with your head AND your heart. As this article states, “to have a truly successful life and leadership, we must love others and ourselves, and we must…lead with love.”


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