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voice broadcast

As the owner of a local dry cleaning business with free pick up and next day delivery Shaun used Voice Broadcasting on a daily basis. The beauty of voice broadcasting is the ability to record a message which will then be blasted to a ton of phone numbers at one time. They used it to remind their customers to put their stuff out the night before pickup. “If we forgot to send the message, our sales would be down 40%-50%.” It was having a huge impact on their business! It began as a way to remind them, but turned into a way to boost business by promoting specials!

“Our message started out super boring – but it was still effective. It got the point across that they should leave their dry cleaning out – even if they only listened to the first three words!

Then we started making them funny – we had a funny story line that would continue throughout the weeks, or there were a few times I would use sound bites of me interviewing President Bush or Charlie Sheen or some other famous person who would [obviously] say that our business was the best they’d ever used!.” The customers started listening to the phone calls. It went from just a reminder call, to something that a client played at a dinner party! Seriously! One of their highest paying customers thought it was so funny that he saved the message and played it for friends later! They ended up receiving a ton of referrals from his silly message.

Another thing that they found is if they mentioned (or if Kanye West mentioned) that this week something was on sale – people were putting WAY more of those out! So not only did they listen, and refer to their friends because of this – they also looked for the specials and helped them drive business!

Overall, it was an awesome tool for this company that helped Shaun to grow his business from start-up, making nothing to making $30,000 a month in just 12 months. Ultimately he sold the business for six figures and attributes the success hugely to his experience with Voice Broadcasting. One last thing Shaun mentioned, “Our favorite service for Voice Broadcasting is called callfire.com. It costs 3.5 cents for every phone call you place so if you place 100 – that’s only costing you $3.50 – how much can you make from that?”

4 Fantastic things about Voice Broadcasting:

  1. You can use it to make offers
  2. You can remind patients to schedule an appointment or remind them that they have one tomorrow
  3. The system can tell the difference between live answer and machine answer and separate messages for each – so it will sound like you personally called to chat and missed them – it makes customers feel special!
  4. You can remind people about a sale or special coming up

“The key to any marketing is ‘don’t be boring!’ Be silly, be entertaining, be fun!”


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