Invest In Your Employees

This month’s theme is all about investing in yourself and, in turn, investing in your business. Like I said last Friday, the most profitable long-term investment is YOU. But let’s not forget that you are only a small part of your overall business. And if you’re not investing in your employees (time, resources, education… cereal), you’re not going to see any ROI. Fortunately, investing in your employees doesn’t have to break the bank; in fact, an investment of time, while priceless, doesn’t cost a thing. The following articles illustrate how you can invest in your employees and watch your ROI soar.

5 Unique Ways To Invest In Your Employees

According to this article, investing in your employees is the number one way to create loyalty among your top performers (hello, employee retention!), but it takes more than an “employee of the month” plaque to make those team members feel invested. They would much rather have an investment of personal time (yours, to be exact) or an investment of personal branding than a flimsy plaque anyday. Read on for more!

3 Easy Ways to Invest in Your Employees and Boost Retention

When you make the decision to invest in your employees, you’re actually investing in their success. And since your employees are an extension of your business, you’re also investing in your business’ success as well. This article lists the three areas you need to focus on when it comes to investing your time, energy, and–yes–even money into your employees. It starts with new technology–not only will up-to-date computers help your business run smoother, but it’ll help convince your employees that you’re supplying them with the best possible tools for the job. Check out this article for two more “musts” when it comes to your investments.

Want Your Company to Succeed? Better Invest In Your Employees

The message of this article is clear: investing in your employees pays off. Investing in your employees not only boosts employee retention (and we all know the cost of hiring a new employee), but it also boosts productivity and increases profits. Investing in continuous training and ongoing education results in more experienced employees and more dedicated team members. Need proof? This article has all the facts you need to convince you that this is one investment worth making.

The Greatest Investment

Not all investments are monetary–and this article (straight from The Newsletter Pro blog) proves that the most important investments often require nothing more than a few minutes of your time (okay, maybe a few hours).

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