Increase Your ROI

It doesn’t take an army to boost your ROI. Acquiring better return on investment is simply a matter of reconnecting with the people who matter most to your business–your clients, of course! Luckily, there’s a lot out there out there on how to boost your ROI: the tricks of the trade, the dos and don’ts. Therefore, we’ve assembled some weekend reading to help kick your ROI into high gear.

Small Business Owner ROI Tips

This article affirms that you should want your ROI to turn a profit. For every dollar you put into your work, you want to earn several dollars in return. There a few ways to make that happen. ROI boosters include using Social Media to help your business go viral, knowing your competition, bringing in the big guns (accountants and other outside professionals), and projecting ROI investments. Knowing your projected ROI profits compared to your actual profits will tell you where you need to readjust.

Death to ROI: Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy

Business 2 Community writer Tony Popowski asks business owners to rethink how they attain ROIs. According to his article, the ROI formula only fits in a perfect world. Since our world is far from perfect, he says the idea that a good ROI only takes a few marketing “touches,” when it really takes 12-25 marketing “touches” to gain a customer. Instead, he proposes you consider your ROO or Return on Objective.

4 Content Marketing Mistakes That Will Wreck Your ROI

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but following these marketing techniques can hinder your ROI. Forbes contributor Christine Comaford names 4 common branding pitfalls and how to fix them efficiently. Things like marketing your value over your brand, leaving your audience on the sideline, prioritizing facts over emotional appeal, and overthinking content instead of context are limiting your ROI. Don’t miss out on your ROI opportunities.

A Song of ROIs and Fire

Brought to you by The Newsletter Pro, we link the journey of Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryan to better ROIs. Turns out the High Valyrian princess has a lot to learn before she can reclaim the Iron Throne. Learn from our favorite Mother of Dragons and don’t get caught in a fiery situation.


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