Guard the Galaxy and Your Direct Mail ROI


When it comes to using direct mail marketing, achieving a return on your investment is a lot like fighting a super villain and saving the galaxy. For this blog, we’ll be taking a close look at how you can optimize your direct mailing success with a little help from our most recent, favorite flick: “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Caution: spoilers ahead.

First, consider what you’re looking to accomplish. Whether your hopes are to create some great relationships (joint ventures, anyone?), demonstrate a new, special product, solicit reviews, or avenge your loved ones and save the people of Xandar from extinction, you’ve got to have an end goal in mind.

Second, look at your customer’s worth. In essence, what are you willing to pay (or sacrifice) for a new customer? When it comes to sending out direct mail, naturally, that cost comes down to the price of creating that mail (or hiring The Newsletter Pro to create your custom content for you *wink wink). After that is the matter of sending it–those stamps aren’t cheap, you know. Similarly, you need to think about the cost of not investing in your customer. What is the price of not staying in contact? How much business could you lose if that client walks away? Is letting a friend fall to his death worth your own survival? Or do you wrap them in a circle of your own, beautiful branches and resign yourself to the eventual hope of being reborn? You want to talk about sacrifice…

Third, consider your own budget. Do you have the money to sustain the kind of direct mailing you’re looking to put out? If not, how can you make your direct mailing fit your budget? Here at The Newsletter Pro, some of our clients mail monthly, some run quarterly, some invest in FSI’s, and some turn to us for their new-mover campaigns. It all depends on your budget. Similarly, when it comes to breaking out of Kyln and going after Gamora’s buyer, chances are, you’ll be needing a few key items. While getting the list together can be a little hectic (natural when Rocket’s list of essentials includes a quarnex battery, a security band, a getaway ship, and a prosthetic leg), making sure that all the necessary “funds” are accounted for is instrumental to being successful.

Fourth on your to-do list is to know who you’re targeting. What does your customer base look like? Are the customers you’re targeting now similar to the ones who are your best customers currently, based on geography, income, values, etc.? As for the Guardians, the answer to that one is pretty easy. They’re targeting the big, ugly blue guy who has a thirst for genocide, regardless of peace treaties.

Your fifth task is to have a follow-up plan. No, not twelve percent of a plan, a whole plan! Sure, that newsletter you’re mailing out is great, but how can you make sure that the new customers you’re raking in are actually going on your list of current clients? Ensuring that your potential clients are able to connect with you is first. After all, if you don’t have someone picking up the phone, that mail is useless. Second, you must have a system in place for scheduling those new appointments immediately. No matter how good your cover story is, no one is going to wait for months to have a face-to-face meeting with you. Similarly, keeping a group of scavengers from acquiring the Infinity Stone is probably the best way to make sure the artifact stays in safe hands. Should they come back to get it, however, it sure is nice to have the backing and approval of an entire planet that you just saved from imminent death.

For more tips on how to make your direct mail campaign even more successful, and how to get the best return on your investment, check back next week, or hit us up with your questions! We may not be the Guardians of the Galaxy, but we do know a thing or two about direct mail…

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