GKIC Marketer of the Year 2014 – Shaun Buck

Shaun Buck, owner and CEO of The Newsletter Pro, was born with entrepreneurial blood running through his veins.

As a young boy, he dreamed of leaping tall buildings in a single bound, flying around the world in less than 60 seconds, and owning his own business — all equally impressive feats of strength and courage.

His dreams (one of them, at least) came true when he was just 16-years-old and opened his first pager company. Pagers, of course, were on their way out, and soon his business was too, but whether he knew it or not, Shaun was on his way in.

Since that fateful day, Shaun has owned a handful of successful businesses, including his current (and dream) company; The Newsletter Pro. Having been through the rigmarole several times himself, his goal was to create an enterprise that would help other small business owners market and expand their companies.

The Newsletter Pro specializes in creating custom print newsletters that are expertly designed, professionally printed, and mailed directly to your clients on a monthly basis. He has proven time and time again that a custom newsletter is the key to customer retention, increased referral rates, and higher profits.

But he’s not one to “do as I say, not as I do.”

In fact, Shaun is a big believer in leading by example.

In just two short years, Shaun has expanded The Newsletter Pro by over 4000% and proudly boasts a 98% retention rate. What started as a direct mailer marketing campaign has since expanded into a custom newsletter company that mails more than 1.5 million newsletters for diverse businesses annually.

With these facts in mind, it’s no wonder Shaun walked away from the GKIC SuperConference 2014 with the coveted title of Marketer of the Year in hand!

GKIC is the self-proclaimed champion for entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. Founded by millionaire marketer, Dan Kennedy, in the early nineties, GKIC now influences more than one million business owners annually. The GKIC SuperConference brings together businesses of all kinds and from many different industries — all sharing the common goal of generating more leads, making more sales, and increasing their profits.

However, every GKIC member knows that marketing is pivotal to a successful business. Which is why, each year, GKIC holds a Marketer of the Year competition in effort to showcase the best examples of GKIC marketing at work. The award celebrates the marketing achievements of small business owners and entrepreneurs who have used GKIC marketing to achieve extraordinary financial success.

Marketer of the Year 2014 Shaun and Mariah Buck

Over the past several years, having achieved his dream of opening his own, successful business, Shaun formed a new dream; to become the GKIC Marketer of the Year 2014.

So, on March 29th, in Dallas, Texas, Shaun, along with six other finalists, took the stage to battle it out in the final competition. Ultimately, he was selected as a result of his company’s hyper-growth and his innovative and effective marketing strategies (if not for his Superman persona).

In yet another dream come true, Shaun now resides among the elite class of marketers — people like Jimmy Nicholas, Walter Bergeron, all former winners of the Marketer of the Year competition.

With The Newsletter Pro on the fast track to huge success, and the title of Marketer of the Year in his possession, there’s just one question; what’s Shaun dreaming about now?

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