How to Create and Market a Company Newsletter

Free Newsletter Templates, Examples & Ideas

Run a brick and mortar business? Run a professional services business? Use our newsletter marketing kit to create a company newsletter that will :

  • Get more referrals
  • Nurture new leads into customers
  • Retain customers longer
  • Get more repeat business
  • Build your authority


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THE NEWSLETTER PRO™ MARKETING KIT teaches you how to design and publish an effective company newsletter – for FREE. It’s chock full of newsletter examples and ideas

THE NEWSLETTER PRO is the only company that produces large-scale full-custom newsletters. We produce and mail over 300,000 newsletters per month for our clients. And we’re sharing exactly how we do it in this free kit so that you can do it for
your own business.

Why do we “give away the store”? Simple. If you’d like to create and market your own company newsletter, we’d like to see you succeed. And if you want help after learning how newsletter marketing works, we hope you’ll think of us!

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  • How to create a company newsletter that your customers actually look forward to reading each month
  • How to use the newsletter to market your products and services without hurting readership
  • How to craft the newsletter to build your authority and provide an endless string of referrals
  • How to manage the logistics of newsletter planning, content writing, graphic design, layout, printing & mailing

What’s in the Kit

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Our Amazon #1 best-selling book:

“Newsletter Marketing: Insider Secrets to Using Newsletters to Increase Profits, Get More New Customers, and Keep Customers Longer than You Ever Thought Possible”, written by
CEO Shaun Buck.

what is in the kit

BONUS materials including :

An interview with CEO Shaun Buck where he spills all our company secrets for creating and marketing effective newsletters PLUS 3 successful business newsletter samples to jump-start your ideas

What Amazon Reviewers Say


I’ve had ‘doing a newsletter’ on my to-do list since 1994 when I started my business! I got Buck’s book and had a four page, full color newsletter mailed to my top 500 list within 30 days. Issue number 4 is next month, it’s grown to 8 pages and 1000 subscribers. If you want to finally get your newsletter done….read the dang book, or skip the book and go twenty years thinking about having a newsletter. Just be sure to pray each evening that none of your competitors read Buck’s book.

-Wally Conway, HomePro Inspections


Shaun is presenting a strategy in this book that is critical for ALL businesses. A newsletter keeps us in front of our customers and potential customers. What Shaun has outlined in the book is pure content that gives us a flavor of what to do in our newsletters. If you are hesitating, Don’t. Call Shaun and discuss your questions and hesistations – he is a master at this stuff. And he gets results.

– Bob Arnold, Architect and Networking Success
Mastermind group leader


This book was awesome! My favorite part was reading about Shaun’s FAILS as an early entrepreneur putting out a newsletter. It was fun to see the evolution of his knowledge over time and testing and being able to take those tips and tricks without having to fail at the beginning.

– Tina Mitchell


Our recent ROI has shown that there is no comparison between the number of cases brought in off the internet vs. direct mail marketing. We have been getting an 18:1 ROI with our newsletter compared to 4:1 on the internet.

– Paul Hogan, Law Center for Car Accident Injuries

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