Navigating Event Follow Up

Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, highlights one of the many reasons for communication and consistent event follow up:

“Stay connected, fight the loneliness that you may feel.Clate Mask, CEO Infusionsoft

Every time we attend ICON (an Infusionsoft event), we wallk away with hundreds of leads. Aside from being an amazing week of ingenuity, education, and networking, it also presents quite the challenge—as soon as we’re back in the office, the real work begins!


No matter how compelling your service is, follow-ups are the most important part of securing a lead, and when it comes to navigating that process, here are a few things that always stay at the top of my list:

Make the first, or second, or third step to reach out

Small businesses like ours depend upon relationships. It’s no secret, and it’s one of the more compelling reasons why our customers choose us, but for long lasting success, relationships need to be maintained. When you first meet someone you would love to have as a friend, you can’t just leave that first encounter and expect them to come knocking on your door. The arrogance of that is likely to lose friends, not gain you any!

No matter how compelling your product may be, the follow-up is your opportunity to prove to leads just how great a potential relationship with you really is. Consistency in contact is a huge part of the formula here. When you’re sending out a newsletter, the kiss of death is to be inconsistent or shy away from monthly releases. You want to make sure that your leads know who you are, and more than mere familiarity, they know you are invested in their attention.

Staying Front and Center

Consistency in your follow-ups also serves another essential—when you want to turn a lead into a client, you want to make sure that your brand is front and center in their mind. When your message is competing with advertisements in the tens of thousands, you want to make sure that there is something about you that stands out and calls attention to itself.

Again, this is where I love newsletters—instead of appearing as obvious marketing, a newsletter feels far more personal. Instead of coming across as a pitch, you want your follow-up to feel like honest communication. This breaks down barriers and establishes you as an expert your clients can really believe in.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

I’m with you, it’s discouraging when the first call doesn’t turn a lead into a client. One or two calls can go by, get missed, and that lead you felt held so much potential seems to vanish right before your eyes. Here’s the problem I see with that mentality—when you give up too soon, you’re selling yourself and your business far too short. Follow-ups are more than just one call, one email, or one month of newsletters, they are an investment of a considerable amount of time and energy (remember, it’s building a relationship).

Of course you want to be strategic, but one of the biggest failures in following up is giving in too early. As Infusionsoft’s Clate Mask says, “Take action!” Don’t rob yourself of the chance to excel by stopping before your attention has the chance to take hold. Make sure your approach to the follow-up is representative of your dedication to the relationship you want with your clients, and you’re sure to see great results!

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