Go Your Own Way

As the father of five, I’m more than familiar with the concept of reverse psychology. It’s the only tactic that seems to work when you’ve got so many strong-willed boys. And, as the years go on, I’ve come to discover that it’s a pretty solid marketing technique as well. After all, I’m a big believer that great minds think not alike, but for themselves–so the next time you’re analyzing your competition, don’t try to emulate what they’re doing, do the opposite! Need a nudge? The following articles feature companies that have successfully stood out (in a good way) by following the sound advice of Fleetwood Mac and going their own way.

Inside the Disruptive, Rule-Breaking Marketing of Dutch Bros

When you think of a typical coffee shop, you probably envision a dark, quiet room filled with patrons who are busy clicking away at their personal computers while soothing music wafts through the air. Now, envision yourself pulling up to a Dutch Bros; it’s loud, it’s friendly, and, most importantly, it’s a little crazy. Dutch Bros is one of the first and finest examples of a company that embraced the opposite and built an empire.

Don’t Just Do Something Different; Do the Opposite!

According to this article, doing the opposite of your competition isn’t just a clever marketing ploy, it’s innovation. Of course, changing gears on such a drastic level requires a serious boost of courage on your end–but when you compare it to Jean-Claude Killy whizzing down a mountain at superhuman speeds with only pair of skis and a prayer to see him through… well, suddenly a little change doesn’t seem quite so scary.

The Opposite Attracts

We’re all familiar with Netflix, that little red app on your phone or TV that dominates a seemingly impossible amount of your time. I bet you wouldn’t guess that Netflix gained popularity by doing the opposite of their competition. Straight from the TNP blog, read on to discover how George Costanza (yep, you read that right) and a DVD rental company changed the meaning of “opposites attract” forever.


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