Celebrity Secrets to Building a Brand

You already know the importance of celebratizing yourself when it comes to building your brand, but it turns out that real celebs are pretty dang good at the whole “branding” thing as well. Need proof? All you have to do is glance through your Twitter homepage (don’t have Twitter? You should get one! If only to follow your favorite famous friends). Successful celebrities are well versed in the art of using social media to build their brand and stay top of mind—and the fact that we continue to follow, like, and share those posts is proof that their branding works! If you want to celebritize your brand, you’ve gotta brand yourself like a celebrity. Here’s how:


1. Treat Your Fans Like Friends

Celebrities use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to interact directly with their fans. Posting pictures and thoughts from their day-to-day life promotes the idea that “they’re just like us!”—and scoring a retweet from your favorite star is just about as close to the red carpet as most of us are going to get. But those tweets serve yet another purpose; loyalty. The more a celeb interacts with their fan-friends, the more those fan-friends are going to support the celeb. The same goes for your business; people like to work with people they know—and showcasing your personality via Twitter (or, even better, via a custom newsletter) is a surefire way to gain loyal followers.

2. Shameless Self Promotion

Successful celebrities are pros when it comes to this—and it’s not hard to see why; namely, it works. And it’s totally free. Take Lady Gaga for example (never thought I would say that); she posts hints, teasers, and riddles about upcoming albums, tours, and videos to keep the fans informed but on their feet. The result? Her shows sell out the moment tickets go on sell, her albums hit platinum within weeks, and her music videos are often some of the most watched and anticipated in the genre. Coincidence? I think not. If you’re looking for mega-star success, you’ve got to generate some excitement (hint: a newsletter is the perfect place to showcase your big announcements/events!).

3. Make Yourself Relevant

Most celebrities fall in and out of the spotlight faster than you can say “Amanda Bynes,” but smart celebrities harness the power of social media to keep themselves relevant long after their relevance has expired. A good example of this is everyone’s favorite Golden Girl; Betty White. The 92-year-old funny-gal made a name for herself back in the ‘70s, but younger generations labeled her as “washed up” before she ever had a chance to shine! That is, they would have if not for her hilarious online presence…which eventually landed her a role on SNL. Let’s face it, you’re nowhere near as funny as Betty, but you can follow her lead and keep yourself relevant but putting yourself in front of your clients at every opportunity. Might we suggest a monthly newsletter to help with that plight?

When all is said and done—when the makeup is removed and the spotlights fade away—celebrities are just like us. They’re just people…people who happen to be incredibly good at marketing themselves. And now you, armed with all of their knowledge and know how, can do the same.

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