Celebrity Affiliations: Easier than a Depends Endorsement

When it comes to celebrity partnerships, there have been some truly odd couplings.

Think 16-year-old Justin Bieber for OPI nail polish–resulting in OPI having to ship triple the amount of bottles ordered by retailers across the country to accommodate all his fan-girls.

Think David Hasselhoff (yes, the hunky Baywatch lifeguard) and Lean Pockets— “Mmm girl, eat [that double bacon behemoth burger] if you want to become a big, hairy reality star… or you can choose a yummy Lean Pockets Pretzel Bread sandwich!”

Think Lisa Rinna being interviewed on the red carpet while modeling Depends underneath her evening gown (yes, the adult diaper).

Or how about all those celebrities for antivirus computer software? Snoop Dogg’s embarrassing “Hack is Wack” rap campaign for Norton ringing any bells? How about Jackie Chan’s commercial for Kaspersky, in which he roundhouse-kicks the computer virus (yes, the virus itself), while riding around on a segway?

Then, of course, no one will ever forget Paris Hilton’s steamy display on the top of a car while showing off the Hardee’s hamburger. . .

With all those fascinating relationships in mind, one has to wonder how companies are getting celebs to partner up with them. Obviously, there’s the money, but wouldn’t the celebrity have to find some amount of truth to their affiliation with that company’s products?

Lisa Rinna embodies this when she explains into the Depends microphone why she is so fearlessly representing the adult diapers on the red carpet: “Well, I did it because I am a champion for positive self-image for women.” Now whether or not that statement is BS isn’t the point I’m trying to make. Rather, it’s that if Depends can get Lisa Rinna to state over public television that she has on a pair of Depends, you can find a celebrity to agree to an affiliate partnership with your company.

Are you new to affiliation marketing?

For those who are new to the game, an affiliate partnership is an online method of marketing in which internet users can be directed to your company through banner ads, promotions, or “click here!” buttons on other websites. The partnership itself exists between your company and whoever is sponsoring your ad, with the understanding that for every click that ad gets, the person who owns that website gets a cut of the profits made from the referred customer.

Now just imagine if the site bearing your banner wasn’t just a random person’s blog. Instead, pretend it was on the website of someone important. For instance, if you’re in the finance game, can you imagine what would happen if your ad was on Dan Kennedy’s page? Or as a veterinary clinic or pet supplies company, getting your banner on Cesar Millan’s website? Marketing your product on the website of a celebrity in your field is the best way to gain notice and advance your company!

You don’t need a celebrity endorsement, complete with flying viruses and roundhouse-kicks to get your name out and gain new clients. Chances are, if Dan Kennedy trusts you enough to put your ad on his website, his clients will too. As for what he has to gain? Avira, the antivirus security company, gives their affiliate partners a 25% commission on every referral their website sends back to Avira.

Who wouldn’t want to give up a small square of space on the side of their webpage for that? Answer: Not even a millionaire-making, publicity-toting celebrity.


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