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Thanksgiving Survival Guide — Play the Real Hunger Games

This week, I had intended to launch into another why-this-good-guy-is-actually-a-bad-guy analysis (i.e., why Katniss Everdeen shouldn’t be leading anyone’s revolution), but I decided I probably shouldn’t dismantle the motives of every subpar cultural leader from Westeros to Panem just for the sake of my own twisted amusement. However, I will stick with the Hunger Games […]

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Happiness Is…

According to the Peanuts gang, happiness is a warm puppy (we can attest to that, our Lead Project Manager, Sierra, has been known to bring her new puppy in every now and then–to the delight of the staff), but when it comes to running a business, happiness is a productive office! In fact, a recent […]

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A Little Something Funny

If you’ve worked with us… ever,  you’ve probably heard Shaun say, (or you’ve heard one of us quote him saying) “Who gets paid more educators or entertainers? People like to be entertained! Put things in your newsletter that they want to read, and you can guarantee that your newsletter will get read and kept and generate […]

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