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Overcome Rejection, Find Success, And Save The World

Giving up is easy, especially when everyone says your great idea isn’t worth their time. In the face of rejection, how do we respond? If you’re Haim Saban, media proprietor and founder of Saban Capital Group, you take rejection as a sign you’re going in the right direction. “The biggest hits in my life have […]

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Getting New Customers Is Hard!

With spring approaching, I’m mentally preparing myself for another 7 weeks of grueling travel for speaking events, networking opportunities, and meetings with prospects and partners. I’m always excited at the outset, but I know by the time the 7th week hits, I’m going to be burnt out. The good news about travel is it can […]

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Make The Jump Into Targeted Local Marketing

Last year, I went through the process of selling a rental house I owned. As part of the process, I was on the lookout for a real estate agent. The local market has been super hot in Boise lately, and this was a house I didn’t want to keep as a rental. It was a […]

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What Top Gun Can Teach You About Referrals

When we set out to create our 2017 referral program contest, the objective was to have the winners join us for an aerial battle in Vegas, reminiscent of scenes from Top Gun. Real jets, real pilots, and real wingmen. After the success of our first program, we were extremely excited about the potential of a […]

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The 4 Things Every CEO Needs To Continue Driving Growth

Do you want your company to thrive? Do you want your company to grow? These may seem like silly questions, but for some, the answer is no. For whatever reason, some business owners are happy not driving growth. Perhaps they’re content where they are and aren’t motivated to move forward. Or maybe they want to […]

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New Sales. Simplified.

Businesses across the world face a form of mass extinction with inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media reinventing how we attract prospective customers. Many companies now consider the traditional sales team (with outbound calls and manual follow-up) to be an endangered species. But this mentality leads to ruin. If you assume inbound marketing will […]

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power of storytelling

How Storytelling Can Increase Your Brand Loyalty

In 2006, Dove’s marketing director, Stacie Bright, found herself in a moral dilemma. Dove’s beauty products featured superficially “beautiful” models to sell their products. This was an age-old tactic meant to establish brand loyalty. But when she learned that their marketing was affecting her daughter’s self-esteem, she knew something needed to change. “If it’s affecting […]

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Why Your Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

Have you ever had a marketing campaign fail? I have many times, and it sucks. All that invested time and money goes up in smoke. There are dozens of reasons campaigns don’t work, and I could write an article on things like the offer, media choice, etc., but I don’t think that’ll be super helpful. […]

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How To Get Referrals Without Offering Incentives

Referrals are the best type of new customers, and you don’t even need incentives to get them. Every study on the topic of referrals says they are worth more, they’re easier to sell to, they have a higher lifetime value, and they make the person who referred them more loyal. This has been confirmed by […]

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The Eternal Value Of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Every year, marketers have an increased number of tools at their disposal. The list of options is nearly infinite: social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and many, many more. All of these strategies are valuable, and the best marketing plans are those that are multi-faceted. In your rush to stay on top of the latest […]

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The Exaggerated Death of Offline Media

If you go online right now and look at business news websites, you will find a staggering amount of stories on how great digital media is, how Amazon and e-commerce initiatives are talking over the world, and the second coming of the digital revolution. To them, offline media might as well be dead. And unfortunately, […]

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Honesty Is The Best Policy For Crisis Management

All companies screw up from time to time. What makes crisis management worse is when they aren’t honest after a mistake. Not only is it unethical to cover up an error, but it’s often the kiss of death for customers. People can excuse an error. What they can’t excuse is lying. How you manage a […]

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The Reason Your Referral Promotion Isn’t Working

A couple years back, I was consulting with a client of ours, the owner of a dental practice, about their referral promotion. They were looking for a good idea that could excite their patients and get them a ton of referrals. To them, it seemed like a lofty goal. But I knew from experience that, […]

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