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Transform Your Partnerships Into the Ultimate Business Strategy

Action cartoons of the 1980s knew a thing or two about the value of partnerships. Take the animated classic “Voltron: Defenders of the Universe,” for example. On their own, the characters and their awesome lion-bots were powerful. But when they teamed up, the value and ability of everyone involved increased ten-fold. That’s what happens when […]

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Celebrity Affiliations: Easier than a Depends Endorsement

When it comes to celebrity partnerships, there have been some truly odd couplings. Think 16-year-old Justin Bieber for OPI nail polish–resulting in OPI having to ship triple the amount of bottles ordered by retailers across the country to accommodate all his fan-girls. Think David Hasselhoff (yes, the hunky Baywatch lifeguard) and Lean Pockets— “Mmm girl, […]

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Making Those Celebrity Connections

Congratulations! You’ve mastered your emotions and learned to control those sweaty palms. You’ve done your research and have sufficiently stalked your prey across the social media serengeti. Today you stand, prepared to meet your celebrity crush—girl or guy—-and make that connection you’ve been waiting for your entire life. Alas. It has finally occurred to you. […]

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Navigating Event Follow Up

Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft, highlights one of the many reasons for communication and consistent event follow up: “Stay connected, fight the loneliness that you may feel.” Clate Mask, CEO Infusionsoft Every time we attend ICON (an Infusionsoft event), we wallk away with hundreds of leads. Aside from being an amazing week of ingenuity, education, and […]

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Trade Show Survival Guide, Part 1

Your Attendee Trade Show Survival Guide “Networking” is a predominantly online phenomenon. We use social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to connect us with our friends and coworkers, and Twitter takes it one step further by connecting us with celebrities, politicians, and even brand names themselves (go ahead, mention @TacoBell in a tweet–see what […]

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